Cruising through Oahu

This morning we went to this free breakfast/information thing we were invited to through our Costco travel deal. They took our picture with a lei and flower, but let us keep the flower! Looking so Hawaiian. Apparently if you put the flower on your right ear it means you’re single and the left ear means you’re taken.

The breakfast was pretty good, then we listened to a travel agent talk about the different things you can do on the island. He provided some useful information and at the end he talked to us about a bunch of stuff we could do on Kauai, which was awesome!

We headed to the beach for a little while before catching an uber to meet up with Sabina. My dad has been like a mentor for Sabina for awhile so he had given me her number to try to get together while in Honolulu! She offered to take us for a ride around the island in her convertible camaro! The island is gorgeous! Beautiful mountains and views the whole drive. We used this app that gave us information while we drove.

The car!


Along the way we stopped at a few sights. One place we stopped was for some shaved ice, which apparently is a big thing in Hawaii and apparently this is the best place! Considering how long the line was I would hope it’s the best! And it definitely ended up being delicious! There was ice cream under the shaved ice and some condensed milk on top that gave it more of a creamy flavor.

One of the stops!

Sabina drove us back to our hotel around 5pm so Clare and I went to the pool for a little bit before the sunset and then headed out to dinner.

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