Snorkeling in Hanauma Bay

We took off around 10am for Hanauma Bay Snorkeling! Clare found a place that transported you and provided you with snorkel gear for $25 so we went with that. Our driver was kind of crazy- he just kept saying weird stuff and when one group wasn’t at the stop they were supposed to be waiting at he called them out on it. It was an interesting ride lol

Once at Hanauma Bay, we had to watch a video before snorkeling. It basically explained how you shouldn’t stand on the reef because it kills the coral (pretty basic stuff). Then we headed down to the bay for snorkeling!

The view of the bay from above

Clare had never gone snorkeling (except in her pool) so she really enjoyed all the fish we got to see! We saw a few really big fish too (I consider big fish over 1ft). 

Sooooo many people though would stand on the reef. It was so annoying to watch. Like that’s the one rule they have. And there are plenty of random sand patches you could go stand in instead. 

We had about 3.5hrs at the Bay. We ended up snorkeling twice and then relaxing the rest of the time on the beach. The weather was super random- super sunny (the sun is really strong here) to misting to full on rain. Thankfully, we were snorkeling when it decided to actually rain so it wasn’t as noticeable.

I also got stung by a bee on the beach ☹ it landed on my towel when I was sitting up and I didn’t double check my towel before laying back down (I hadn’t even seen any bees). It ended up stinging me on my lower back ugh. It was pretty uncomfortable for about 10minutes, but I took some Advil to make the pain go away. It basically just swelled up how all my mosquito bites swell up. Heck I might actually have worse reactions to mosquitos than bees lol.

Us chilling at the beach

 On the walk up from the bay

Despite the bee sting it was a pretty fun day at the bay. It started to rain again when we got in the van so that was good timing!

We got back around 3:30 and decided to just go chill by the pool for a couple hours. Then we headed to dinner for our 7:30 reservation at Roy’s (a nicer chain restaurant in Hawaii). We both ended up getting the 4 course special menu and it was delicious!

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