Man we did a lot today!

We went to bed so early yesterday so we both woke up around 7am. We packed our bags and headed out around 9am to catch a bus to Diamond Head. Diamond Head is a crater near Honolulu and you can hike to the top to get some great views!

It was about .8miles to get to the starting point of the hike from where the bus dropped us off. Then it was another .8miles to the top of the crater. There were sooooo many people climbing up! So it took us longer than normal to get to the top, but we made it!

So many views 

After Diamond Head, we went to Teddy’ s Bigger Burger (a chain in Hawaii). Very good burger! 

Then we headed to the Pearl Harbor historical sites (you can get an all day bus pass for only $5.50- they call it TheBus). I was able to pre-reserve tickets for the USS Arizona Memorial the day before (the tour is free but they only have a certain amount of tickets). Unforunately, it was super windy out so we didn’t actually get to dock at the memorial but we were able to go on a boat around it. We also saw a video before we went on the boat about what happened. Very sad to think about how many people died in one spot.

The memorial-the USS Arizona is underneath in the water

USS Missouri 

After the boat tour we walked through the museum’s to learn more about everything that happened. Before this most of what I remember was from watching the movie Pearl Harbor.

After we finished at Pearl Harbor, we caught a bus back to our hotel. We were able to get back in time for the happy hour with free cheese and crackers and pretzels and grapes. We hung out at our hotel until our transport to the airport came to get us at 7:30pm.

It’s been awhile since I haven’t used precheck/was in a country that cared enough to make you take off your shoes. But since Clare booked the tickets we didn’t have precheck and man is Hawaii crazy. Not only did I have to take off my shoes and take out my iPad I was told I had to take out ALL food. I bought soooo much candy in New Zealand to take home with me and I have to take it all out of my bag- basically enough candy to fill my small backpack. Not sure why that was necessary in the first place, but oh well! Just made me look like a crazy person! 

Atlas, we made it to Kuaui and our hotel beds. Hoping for nice weather to relax tomorrow.

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