The Rain Makes Us Kauai

Well, when we woke up we looked outside and saw not just some rain, but a downpouring of rain! Originally our plans had been to go north, but we looked up the weather and decided to move that to Sunday.

Naturally, I googled “things to do in Kauai when it rains” and found out there is an escape room here! We went online and were able to book the last opening available for the day! It was at 10am so we got ready and headed over.

The escape room was super well done. The puzzles made sense but also were a bit tough at times. The lady running it was also super nice and she gave us a few recommendations of things to do with the rest of our day. 

We saved planet Earth by stopping a bomb that was going to send a virus out to all the people!

After the escape room we went to this saimin place (basically ramen) down the road. It was a small restaurant and the menu had like 5 items on it. Really good food though! While eating I noticed the cash register didn’t really look like it took a card, but I hadn’t seen any signs saying cash only.  I expressed my concern to Clare and we noticed everyone paying in cash. Eventually, we found a random sign saying cash only…. except we didn’t have enough cash! Thankfully, there was an atm down the road so I ran over there while Clare very slowly kept eating lol

Next we hit up the Kauai Brewing Company. We didn’t stay very long, but I got to pet a cute doggo that is up for adoption!

Then, we decided to go to the Koloa Rum Company because they had a free tasting and it was raining still so we really didn’t have many options! When we got there we found out we had to wait 2hrs to do the tasting…. Again we didn’t have anything else to do so we signed up and then drove a few blocks to Costco to waste some time and eat some free samples! We also had some yummy ice cream.

We also walked through the shops by the rum company and Clare and I both bought something from this cute little boutique (even though I really shouldn’t be trying to fit more into my bag).

When it was finally time for our tasting, we went into a little bar area and the guy running the tasting was super enthusiastic. I’m not really a fan of rum, but it actually was pretty good in the extremely small quantities we tried.

After our tasting, we headed back to our hotel to hot tub for a bit. Overall, pretty happy with the amount we got to do on a super rainy day!

To end the night, we found a place that did trivia! And it ended up being terrible! The host wasn’t great and kept changing the rules (she wanted to try new things this week but it was not working out). Some of the questions were actually ridiculous. There were 4 rounds with 10 questions each. The first round was all about U.S. state quarters….. so yeah. But we were sitting at the bar and the bartender would tell us answers if he ever knew anything (didn’t help much, we still lost by a lot).

Here’s to more rain tomorrow, but hopefully some sun at some point!

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