We Saw the Sun!

Our morning started out with a boat trip to fern grotto. The boat trip was actually pretty fun (20minutes each way). We had some fun music on the way and some informational stuff on the way back.

The fern grotto is basically this cave that has a bunch of ferns growing on the outside. Apparently there used to be wayyyy more ferns, but in 1992 there was a category 4 hurricane that ripped down all of ferns. A decent amount have grown back now. I guess you used to also be able to go into the cave, but because of decay rocks fall more often so you can only go on the platform. Still very pretty though.

On the boat!

After the fern grotto we drove over to Opaeka’a Falls. It’s a pretty giant waterfall, but you couldn’t get much closer than just a viewpoint.

We noticed the sun was starting to come out so we headed back to the pool at the hotel. It was half drizzling, but you could still feel the sun!

We signed up for a luau for the night.  We got there around 5:30pm. There were a bunch of little markets outside before everything started.  Clare bought the same ring as me lol.

The luau was awesome! I could tell the girl next to us was alone so I started talking to her. Turns out she is traveling from Switzerland and she was couch surfing with one of the guys who worked at the luau! She said apparently Moana was inspired by this luau… not sure if that’s true, but I could see it!

Getting blessed by the ocean just like Moana lol

Great night! Definitely recommend going to a luau if you go to Hawaii.

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