Last day in Kauai

I had looked up the forecast for the day before going to bed and set an alarm for 7:30am since the sun was supposed to be out in the morning!

Thankfully, as the morning went, the rain kept being pushed back later and later in the day! We ended up spending about 3.5hrs laying at the pool in the morning before checking out.

Once checked out, we headed to the north of Kauai. First we stopped at a lighthouse- the most northern part of the island. But turns out you can’t go to the lighthouse on Sunday’s because it’s closed so we just looked at it from a distance!

We continued on our way to Kee Beach. It’s also the start Napali Coast track- a two day hike (maybe one day I’ll find someone who actually knows how to full on camp/hike and do the track lol). Kee Beach is just a little cove with some coral that people can snorkel in.

At start of the Napali trek there is a stop .5miles that’s a lookout of the coast so we decided to walk up to it. It was a pretty steep and muddy hike, but we got to see some very pretty views!

Of course it started raining right when we got to the point so our walk down was pretty wet.

On our drive back we stopped quickly at this random cave on the side of the road. Not super eventful, but we had some extra time.

We also stopped at Wailua falls. We had driven by the sign for it so many times and it was only a 4mile detour so we went for it! I guess it’s famous for being in the opening credits of some tv show called Fantasy Island…. which I’m guessing is a super old tv show.

The last two days of Kauai ended up with a nice amount of sun! Can’t complain. Loved Hawaii, but definitely could’ve done without all the rain!

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