Salento: The town of Dogs

Started off the day with a trip to the airport to head to Salento! Somehow the cheapest tickets when I booked were business class so we ended up with amazing seats!!! Too bad each plane ride was only 40min.

Our plane landed in Pereira, which is about an hour from Salento. I was able to get directions from the information desk at the airport on how to take the bus. We had to take a taxi for about 10min to get to the bus station where we had about 10min to run around asking people “Salento??” Until we found the correct ticket booth. Made it in the perfect time! The bus ride was a bit bumpy and didn’t make me feel great, but we made it to Salento! Once we arrived at our hostel we were greeted by the cutest doggo named Pecas (Freckles) ❤❤❤

That’s how you know you picked a good hostel.

Since we didn’t have much to eat all day, we headed to a restaurant in town that Vivian picked out. We had DELICIOUS burgers. Seriously they were amazing. The staff was also really friendly and gave us some suggestions of things to do.

One of the recommendations was to climb up these 250 stairs in town for some #views. It was definitely worth it. We were rewarded with some great views and a few cute dogs.

Okay I have to do a quick recap of all the cute doggies just roaming around town here. Sorry not sorry. 

Okay back to the day. After our climb up the hill, we went shopping around town. There are TONS of cute little shops so we spent a lot of time roaming around trying not to buy too many things.

Once we finished our shopping spree. We headed over to Los Amigos, which is a bar in town that you can play the game Tejo at. Tejo is a bar game in which you throw rocks at this metal circle which has little packets of gun powder laying around it and if you hit one they explode! I realize this sounds dangerous, but I promise it was not. We were each able to get the gun powder to explode at least once.

Tomorrow we head out for our 3 day hike in the Andes. Hopefully we don’t die from exhaustion. Jk we have an experienced guide who knows first aid- no one worry! But doubtful I’ll have phone service so be prepared for a great recap in a few days!

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  1. ezmoments19 says:

    Sooooo many dogs. It’s a ruff life eh


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