Hiking in the Los Nevados National Park

What a hike. I think it’s safe to say Vivian and Jess aren’t going to go on anymore multi-day hikes! 

Day 1:

We weren’t picked up from our hostel until 9am so we had some time in the morning to eat, stroll on Instagram, find out the next Bachelor is Colton, yell about how upset you are to a bunch of people who don’t care. You know, the usual morning.

Once we were picked up we had about a 40min ride to the start of our hike in Cocora Valley, which is known for its really tall palm trees.

We got to go across a bunch of random man-made bridges that definitely weren’t going to pass any safety regulations (they were fine don’t worry). We had lunch on a random rock in the middle of the woods, while our guide, Camilo, made us coffee (that I proceeded to not drink because coffee is gross). We also hiked quiteeeee a bit. The distance for day 1 was 10K, which is about 7miles. But that gets hard when it’s mostly uphill!

We finally reached the farm we were staying at around 4pm. We were literally in the middle of a bunch of mountains, surrounded by nothing, yet people live here. The farm itself was definitely nothing fancy, but it did have a flushing toilet so that was a plus. We mostly sat in the kitchen and watched our food get cooked and listen to all the guides/farm owners speak Spanish to each other.

Day 1 there were about 6 other people who came on different hikes also at the farm. I ended up sitting next to this french guy traveling with his sister and he had the MOST french look-the perfect pencil mustache LOL. He was nice though. I also learned roasting marshmallows is really just an American thing, which I guess doesn’t surprise me, but then I asked what they even use marshmallows for and he said he doesn’t think anyone uses them in France. He also had never heard of a rice crispies treat. Really seems like they are missing out on a lot of marshmallow goodness. 

Anyways, enough about marshmallows. We ended up going to bed at like 8pm. The beds are actually pretty comfy, but for some reason I just couldn’t ever really fall asleep. Had a bit of a headache from the altitude so that wasn’t helping. 


Day 2:

The day of THE hike. Vivian struggled with her breathing a lot on day one so before we started the day it was pretty safe to assume we weren’t going to do the summit hike we had booked. Instead we made our way to right before the summit. There were some cool views along the way. And A LOT of mud. Jess didn’t have waterproof shoes so I was doing my best to help her avoid the mud as much as possible. 

Camilo explained these plants as “like cactus” and they were allllll over

The wetlands. 100% fog. 

I asked our guide, Camilo, if he liked Sharika and he said no. When I asked why not since she’s from Colombia he’s like “do you like all American artist”. TOUCHE 

The day consisted of a lot of hiking, a lot of mist, and a lot of almost dying while trying to climb back down. I have to say this was definitely the worst descent I’ve ever had to make. Thank goodness they gave us some hiking poles or we would’ve had to just slide down the mud! Definitely prefer going up over going down.

After what seemed like a decade, we finally made it back to the farm! It was about 6pm so we were just in time for dinner. The food on the farm is delicioussssss. It’s mostly soup and rice, but somehow they make it so good. We ended up going to bed even earlier because we were all dead from the hike and definitely ready to head back into town for a nice shower.

There were a bunch of animals on the farm that I became friends with

Day 3:

Day 3 of our hike was just going back down the way we came up on day 1. Vivian ended up getting a horse so Jess and I got to complain to each other about how painful going down the mountain was. Thankfully, it seemed to go by rather quickly and we finished the descent after about 4hrs. Showering felt sooooo nice after sleeping and hiking in basically the same clothes for 3 days. 

Morning at the farm

Finished the hike!

Overall I think we hiked around 25miles and went up to 14,000 feet!

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