Its Bean Fun, Salento

Finally had a good night’s sleep! Thankful to be back at a normal altitude! Our only plan for the day before we had to go to the airport was to check out a coffee farm.

The coffee farm, El Ocaso, was about 20minutes from Salento. All the “taxis” in Salento are jeeps with the back changed into two benches facing each other. So we got to squish in the back of the jeep and headed to the farm!

We arrived just at 11am and were able to make the 11am tour, which was awesome! Our guide spoke English really well and explained all the different parts of making coffee. We were even given little baskets and got to pick coffee cherries directly from the tree. Then put the cherries in a machine to pop out the coffee beans. I now know more than I ever wanted to about how coffee is made, but it was a really fun experience! We got to try some coffee at the end, which was obviously disgusting but Vivian and Jess enjoyed it!

Obviously made a dog friend 

Once the coffee tour was over we crammed back into a jeep to head back into town. We still had a few hours so we got some lunch, then chilled at our hostel before heading to the bus. 

We successfully navigated the bus/taxi required to get back to the airport. Our plane ended up being the SMALLEST plane I’ve ever been on…. and I’ve been on a lot of planes. It was a propeller plane with TEN rows. TEN ROWS PEOPLE. I couldn’t even stand up walking down the aisle cause the ceiling was too low and I’m not even that tall!

Chilling in the last row- row 10!

After arriving in Medellin, we had a 40min taxi ride to our hostel. Our hostel has a cool rooftop bar so we ended up chilling there for the night. We also met this nice girl who helped us order some delicious street food in spanish!

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  1. ezmoments19 says:

    It’s bean fun 😂☕️
    I see you. Salento was ExSalento


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