Guatape- That Rocked

We had an all day tour booked for to Guatape. We left our hostel around 7:30am to meet our tour group and get on the bus. Guatape is about 2hrs away from Medellin.

On the bus!

On our way to Guatape, we stopped in the small town of Antioquia. Our guide gave us a quick tour of the town and let us explore the shops for about 10minutes before getting back on the bus to Gautape.

“Inside” one of the traditional homes 

Finally we made it to Guatape and the Piedra Penon, which is a giant rock in Guatape (and the reason everyone goes to Guatape)

There are 659 steps to the top of the rock. We slowly climbed all of them until we made it. The views were fantastic! What a beautiful city.

After climbing the rock, we got some lunch and then went to the town of Guatape for a tour and to walk around/shop. I guess the town used to be mostly just farmers and then the government decided to build a dam, so they decided to paint the city full of colors and focus on tourism.

Every town has a main plaza with a church in it

On the outside of each home there are little murals, which are supposed to depict their hobbies or if it’s a store it will give an idea of what is being sold.

Once we finished exploring Guatape, we headed back to Medellin. We got to our hostel around 6:30pm- just in time to figure out where we could watch the Bears game! I read online that the Hooters showed all NFL games so we started walking that way. As we got close to the area we saw tons of bars… but they were all showing the soccer game! I was getting a bit nervous, but we ended up walking by an Irish Pub that had the game on so we decided to watch there (slightly more authentic than a Hooters).

The people at the table next to us ended up also being from Chicago and the guy went to my High School! He graduated the year before I started, but crazy what a small world we live in!

I’m not going to get into the game, except that the Bears gave me hope and then they crushed all my dreams. And if I have to hear about how Aaron Rodgers played “on one leg” in the second half again I’m going to scream. Our walk back to the hostel consisted of me running back and forward trying to burn off my adrelinin and me yelling too loudly about how upset I am. Here’s to the life of a Bears fan šŸ»

Unfortunately, we head back to Chicago tomorrow, but we’re hoping to get a quick walking tour in before we go to the airport.

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