Medellin- Comuna 13

Our last day in Colombia!

We decided to join a walking tour of Comuna 13 even though we knew we wouldn’t be able to stay for the whole thing. Comuna 13 was the most dangerous area in Medellin back in the 90’s and early 2000’s (and the reason why everyone’s reaction to vacationing to Colombia is “isnt that dangerous??”). Once government was able to elimnate the guerrilla, they starting putting money into Comuna 13 to help regrow the area. Nowadays, it is known for it’s impressive graffiti- with symbolic images of how Colmbian/Comuna 13 has grow and changed over time. 

We were able to see some cool graffiti and go to the top of the escalators (they randomly have like 6 escalators to help you get up the mountain) before we had to head back to our hostel and head to the airport.

At the top!

Overall, it was a fun trip! Colombia is a unique country with lots of history and has overcome a lot in the past few decades! Thanks to Vivian and Jess for joining me on this adventure!

Last photo in Colombia!

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