Day 1

We arrived in Dublin late last night, but Alexis was pretty tried from traveling all day so we had an early night. In the morning we decided to join the walking tour to get some history of the city/Ireland. Before the tour started we walked over to the Christ Church Cathedral and Dublin Castle and took some photos (the nice day started and ended here)

Christ Church

Gardens by the Dublin Castle

Dublin Castle- we learned on our tour that the OG Dublin Castle actually burned down except for one tower, which is the only “medieval” looking part of the castle (you can see the part of the tower in this pic)

After the walking tour we went into a few random touristy shops and walked a bit before heading over to the Guinness Storehouse for a factory tour.

I don’t like beer, but never tried Guinness before so I gave the little sample they gave us a shot. Wasn’t great lol. The tour itself was pretty cool though- there are 7 stories and it takes you through the whole process to make beer. At the end you get a drink! Thankfully, they recently added a Cider to their collection.

This is the plant which makes hops in case anyone was wondering

For dinner, we headed over to the Brazen Head, which is apparently the oldest pub in Ireland! We had some traditional Irish food and it was very delicious

I had the Irish Stew (beef) and Alexis had Bangers and Mash

Day 2

We spent the day going into all the sites we had walked by during our walking tour. 

First stop-Christ Church. The church was very pretty in the inside like all European medieval churches are. This church was a bit cooler because there was also a crypt you could go into that had some random artifacts.

I tried to take a picture of the crypt but it looked stupid so instead here’s a picture of a mummified cat and rat that were found in an organ pipe

Next stop- Trinity College. Apparently its v prestigious. The campus reminded me a lot of Butler with it’s pretty stone buildings. The main reason we came here was to go see the Book of Kells and the long room. TBH I still don’t really get why the Book of Kells is so famous lol but cheers to old books!

Long room (tourist galore)

Next up- St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Basically looked like Christ Church except bigger? I’m no architect though. No crypt in this church to explore.

The outside

Last stop- Dublin castle. As mentioned earlier, most of the OG castle burnt down so we saw some ruins, the cathedral, and then walked through the state rooms.

Cathedral for some reason was restored but never used for religious ceremonies since 

Throne room with a sweet Chandelier 

Mirror selfie cause I’m dumb

This is where they welcome all the famous kiddos who stop by. Fun fact- this blue is actually the “national” color of Ireland, but Scotland made it their official color first so Ireland had to settle for green

We booked a dinner/show at the Celtic Nights. We stopped by a pub to waste some time before heading over. 

Here’s a selfie on Ha’Penny bridge. It was on my list of things to see in Dublin, but I actually have no idea why or know any of its significance lol

Forgot to take a picture of the musicians/dancers so here’s a pic of the starters we ate for dinner.

Sláinte! (Cheers in Irish)

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