We took the train from Verona to Milan (only about an hour). We got in around 9pm so we decided to just chill at our hostel before bed. 

We started off our morning by walking to the Duomo di Milano- an amazing cathedral. They told me I couldn’t go in cause my skirt was above my knees so I awkwardly put my pants on in the middle of the square.

The inside of the cathedral was ginormous! Beautiful stained windows too.
You have to pay to go into the cathedral either way so we decided to pay a little more to be able to climb to the top. It was awesome! You can really see all the detail up close.


We walked through this really cool, covered shopping area to get to La Scala Opera House. 

Shopping area

It cost 9euro to go in and it didn’t look all that exciting so we passed (I don’t even have a photo of the building because it wasn’t anything special!)
From the Opera House, we walked over to Castello Sforzesco. You could walk around the outside and gardens for free. We paid to go inside, but it ended up being mostly an art exhibit. Got to go on the castle walls like once I think.

We walked through the gardens of the Castle as well. The gardens weren’t fancy or anything, it was mostly just a park people could hang out in. At the end there was an arch.

To end our day, we walked over to the Cimitero Monumentale (I wouldn’t say any of these things were far apart, but the distance definitely started adding up!). The Cemetery was crazy! It literally looked like a village with houses.


We ended the day with another pretty chill night. We went out to a restaurant not to far from our place- I had some veal to switch it up from all the carbs.

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