2 Days in Copenhagen

Day 1

Our flight was a bit delayed Friday night so we didn’t get to our Airbnb until 1:30am (not ideal). Saturday morning we didn’t get to sleep in too late since we were doing a walking tour at 10. The walking tour was about 3hrs and gave us some good insight into the history and major sites of the city.

Oldest street in Copenhagen

We walked by a random little garden that was beautiful!

Got to the palace right before the changing of the guards (it was extremely crowded)

Probably the most well known photo spot in Copenhagen!

We ended the walking tour by the Opera house (across the river)

After the walking tour we stopped and got some pizza for lunch (not very Danish but it was good)

We walked about 15 minutes to go see the Little Mermaid statue… which wasn’t very exciting but one of the things you just gotta do. Hans Christain (author of the little mermaid and other fairy tales) is from Denmark

We hopped on a quick train ride over to the beach area to see the bridge that goes from Copenhagen to Sweden (engineering!!) And, more importantly, got some yummy ice cream.

We didn’t spend too long at the beach as we didn’t have any beach gear so we headed over to Christiania, which is a small area in Copenhagen that lives by it’s own laws. It started like back in the 60s and I think the government just realized it would do more harm than good to shut it down. They have a ton of signs that you cannot take pictures…. because well it’s basically a street market… where every stall sells weed LOL. It was actually pretty wild. I’m not sure how many varieties of weed there actually were but there were a ton of different stands. We walked through the area but didn’t stay super long (hugs not drugs kids).

We rented some automatic scooters for our way back to our Airbnb, which was SUPER fun. It definitely helped that Copenhagen has a million bike lanes you could ride in so it didn’t feel as dangerous as riding on the street.

After a bit of a nap, we walked over to this food place called War Pig that was recommended by our tour guide. It was a bbq place and actually was really good! They played screamo music the whole time which was a bittttt much but definitely fit the vibe of the place.

After dinner we tried to find somewhere to listen to some jazz since there was a jazz festival going on. The place we went to was supposed to start playing jazz at 10:30 but by midnight there was still nothing so we just went home. 

Day 2

To start off our day we hopped on a train to go to Fredericksburg Castle (about an hour away). It is a super pretty castle and has a tour of the inside, which is mostly paintings and random furniture. It also had really nice gardens!

V fancy room


The whole trip to the castle took up most of our afternoon. We got back to Copenhagen about 3:30 so we decided to check out Tivoli Gardens, which is an amusement park in the middle of the city. We bought the unlimited rides deal and went on as many rides as possible before we had to head back to the airport. 

Giant drop ride

Went on the merry go round because there was no line but the animals didn’t even move up and down!!

I also got some cotton candy because it’s my fav

Tivoli Gardens ended up being super fun. You never had to wait more than 20minutes for a ride and there were definitely some pretty thrilling ones too!

Till next time Denmark!

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  1. janwelteryahoocom says:

    Why no pic of the big bridge ( that goes to Sweden)?
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    1. It was pretty far away from us still so you wouldnt see much in a photo


  2. janwelteryahoocom says:

    Great blog 
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