Bath is just a short 2hr train ride away from London.

We arrived in Bath just before noon and headed over to the Fashion Museum! You could buy a group ticket to the Fashion Museum and the Roman Baths, which only cost like 3 pounds more than just going to the Roman Baths so figured why not! The museum was kinda interesting. They had a bunch of fashionable items from across the centuries. The best part definitely was trying on some old time clothes! Looking fly

Probs would’ve thrived back in the day

From the Fashion Museum we headed over to the nearby park. Saw some cool architecture along the way!

The park was hugeeeeee. They also had some botanical gardens which had tons of pretty flowers!

Wait are we models?

Obviously gotta get a good tree pic….

From the park we headed over to Garricks Head for some Sunday Roast.  If you are ever in England on a Sunday 10/10 would recommend Sunday roast.

After stuffing ourselves until we were uncomfortably full we decided it would be a good time for some shopping. Really looked great trying on clothes after eating 10pounds of food. Needless to say we bought nothing.

On our way to the Roman Baths we strolled through the main area of Bath and saw the Pultney Bridge and some nice garden areas!

The Roman Baths are the tourist destination for Bath… basically there are some natural hot springs that they turned into some nice baths way back when and they still are pretty warm today! (Apparently you weren’t supposed to touch the water but I didn’t see that sign until after the fact sooooo)


At the end of the tour you got to taste some bath water and it was GROSS. It was so hot and tasted like a weird mixture of minerals but mostly like dirt.

Overall had a fun day exploring Bath!

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