Dubrovnik Day 2

We had booked a kayaking tour for the morning and headed out around 9am to meet the guide. The tour was 3hrs. We paddled out to the island of Lokrum, then over to a beach cave for some snorkeling. Our guides were hilarious. Really enjoyed the tour mostly because of them. (We booked our tour through Adventure Dubrovnik)

City walls of Dubrovnik in the background

Expert kayaker obviously 

Cave beach, which we dubbed as Kayak beach cause it was literally non stop with kayakers coming in and out

After tour kayak tour, we got ferry tickets over to Lokrum Island. Tbh we mostly went because we knew there would be a replica Iron Throne.

It was a short 15min ferry ride over to the island

Random side note- our kayak guides had told us how there are a bunch of peacocks on the island. But like there really are like a TON of peacocks.

This guy just walked up right next to us while we were eating lunch. He was very pretty though so like can’t complain

The main point on the island is this monastery and it’s the first thing you run into. We walked around the ruins of it. Very pretty. 

From our first Game of Thrones tour they gave us a little map for Lokrum. I tried to use it to help us find things…. but I wouldn’t say it was the most helpful LOL

After about 15minutes of walking around we finally found the Iron Throne! It was pretty sweet, even if it was just a replica. The room also had 3 different videos about the filming in Croatia /all around the world.

The island also has a botanical gardens, which was actually very pretty considering not much can grow there!

After wandering around, we went to lunch and both got some delicious burgers that were way too big to finish

We caught a ferry back to Dubrovnik at 4:15, picked up our stuff from the hotel, and started our drive to Split! The drive was pretty easy. Not a lot of cars on the road. There was a 10minute section in which we had to drive through Bosnia. The Bosinan boarder patrol just waved us along without looking at any documents and then the Croatian one literally stamped our passports. Going to have way too many Croatian stamps at the end of this! When we finally arrived at Split, our Airbnb did not have a simple place to park. The streets were PACKED with cars and so finally we called them to ask where to park. The guy from the Airbnb ends up coming down the road to find us, shirtless. Then he had to get his father in law to move his car cause he was saving us a spot. The father in law also came out shirtless. It was hilarious. We are also not moving our car until we leave because these narrow streets were CRAZY. Anyways, we made it and are alive and well so that’s really what matters.

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