After some advice from the front desk to get to Montengro early to avoid traffic at the boarder, we got up about 6:45am, got ready, had breakfast, and were on our way! It only actually took like 40minutes to get to the boarder. It’s actually super close to the Dubrovnik airport. There was only like 2 cars ahead of us for the boarder so we got through quickly. 

To get to Kotor you have to drive basically around the entire lake because of course both sides don’t attach. There was a ferry but we had no idea what the cost was so we just drove. Great views at least (although rather annoying drivers).

Once we got to Kotor, we headed into Old Town, which was basically a fort.

We walked through the curvey streets until we found the stairs to the hike to St. John’s Fortress! Unfortunately, we learned the hike was 8euro per person rather than the 3 mentioned online so we had to go find an ATM! Of course there wasnt going to be an ATM inside the walls so we walked back towards our car and I popped into a random shop and asked a man where the ATM was (no phone service in this place). We eventually found it and headed back.

Clare decided we should try to find the free route up the mountain. So we went on a little adventure, which resulted in a dead end. But did finally give us a place to pee in the bushes that no one else would see 😂😂

Finally, we were off back to the designated route and on our way up the mountain to St. John’s Fortress! According to the internet there are like 1,300 stairs to get to the top. So it was definitely tiring. But we had AMAZING views the whole time!

This is only like half way up!

Clare once we reached the fortress! (Still had a bunch more stairs to get to the top of the fortress though 😂😂)

View from the very top!! Soooo amazing

Inside the fortress at the top!

Montengro flag!

If you look closely at the mountain in this picture you can see a wall running up it with a fortress at the top- that’s what we climbed!

After the climb we got some well deserved lunch. It was delicious too! They even had my fav cider!

Once we finished lunch, we headed back to our car and changed into our swim suits and started walking to the beach. On our way we noticed some cruises that took you to Our Lady of the Rocks island and to Perast (another town on the lake).

Here’s our lady of the rocks church island! Turns out you also had to pay to get inside the church and we were like mehhhhh so we just chilled outside and relaxed.

Perast! We went to the little beach and jumped in the water before heading back to the boat.

Relaxing, but also hot

After our cruise we were pretty tired so we got in our car and headed back to Dubrovnik. Once we showered and got ready we went into the executive lounge for some drinks before heading to dinner!

Somehow have found someone to take a picture of us for the second night in a row!

Some delicious dinner! I asked the waiter to replace my baked potato with french fries and he was like oh no no no you really should get the potatoes, they are very crispy and good. So I got them and when the waiter brought the food he stood there and told me to try it and if I didn’t like it he would bring me fries instead lol. Turns out they were delicious. Thanks for the recommendation dude.

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  1. Wow! This looks like the type of place I would love! Thanks for posting!!


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