1 Day in Split

There were some wild storms overnight in Split. When we woke up we ended up chilling for awhile and watched ‘Falling Inn Love’ on Netflix. It was supposed to take place in New Zealand, but they all sounded Australian lol.

Once we finally were motivated, we headed out to Old Town Split. Turned out it was still raining a bit so wasn’t the best day for wandering!

One of the entrances to the Old Town was only like a 5minute walk though!

There was a weird giant statue that looked like a wizard, but really was just Diocletian (Roman emperor). The statues toe was all worn down from being rubbed so naturally we also rubbed his toe. When in Split am I right?

The Old Town area isn’t very large and we walked in a few circles before figuring out what the heck we wanted to do. Our first stop was at the Cathedral of St. Domnius. It wasn’t very large, but it was definitely beautiful and very intricate!

Our ticket to the cathedral also let us see the Treasury, which was basically just a room of old relics, and Jupiter’s Temple, which was this random room built to honor the Gods. The ceiling had individual tiles, each with a different face on them (a bunch of the faces fell off or something, but a few were still in tact).

After the Temple, we found the basement of Diocletian’s Palace, which is a bunch of tunnels underground with random things they’ve found throughout the years.

This is also where they stored Danny’s dragons in Game of Thrones so naturally took a photo.

Everything was so old and not much had a detailed explanation of what it was or what it was used for, but it was cool to walk around and see what they’ve found so far.

Once we finished exploring, we found a nice little lunch place and took a long break. Clare tried the black risotto, which is a well known dish here. It was good, but also stained her teeth black while eating 😂😂 I had some more pizza and it was delicious.

After lunch we decided to hike up Marjan’s hill. We ended up taking the long route. Mostly on accident. But it was all very pretty and green so definitely cannot complain! Plus it had stopped raining by then so we no longer had that to worry about! The longer route was also a flat, steady incline so at least we didn’t have to walk up a million stairs.

During the long route we actually reached like the end of the peninsula of Split!

The highest point had the flag with some beautiful views in the background!

On the way down there was a dude just casually walking his donkey 😂😂

Clare’s boyfriend had told Clare to take the same photo as him in front of the ‘Split’ sign. We knew it was by this ice cream place so naturally we found that first and got a snack. Then found the sign!

By this point it was about 5pm so we walked through some market and then made our way back to our Airbnb where we proceeded to watch Bachelor in Paradise, Always Be My Maybe, and Divergent before going to bed.

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