Beach Day in Sibenik

We decided we wanted to have a chill day so we drove about an hour to Sibenik from Split (where we are staying for the night) and went to a beach for the day! 

Sadly, all of Croatia’s beaches are rock beaches so they aren’t very comfortable to lay on. Definitely got a lot of indentations and had to flip around alot of stay comfortable!

The water was so clear, but pretty cold so only went in twice to cool off. Thankfully the outside weather wasn’t TOO hot so it was easy to lay and relax. Clare and I both had some audiobooks that we listened to throughout the day while relaxing.

After a nice 5hrs at the beach and a slight burn (tends to happen when you only put sun screen on once), we headed over to our Airbnb to shower and get dinner. There was a pizzeria only a few minutes walk from our place so we decided to just eat there. Food was pretty good! Pizza here in general is definitely delicious (probably need to stop eating so much for the sake of my health).

After dinner we relaxed and watched Bachelor in Paradise. Early morning tomorrow to go to Krka National Park!

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