Krka National Park

Out Airbnb was only about 5minutes away from the Krka national park. We decided to arrive at 8am (when the park opened) to avoid extra tourists.

We were able to get our tickets within a few minutes of arriving and got on the bus to the Skradinski Buk (the main waterfall at the park). It was about a 30minute walk from the bus drop off to the main waterfall. We saw some beautiful waterfalls/lakes along the way!

Once we got to the main waterfall we went for a swim! (Since that’s allowed here). When we got to the buoy though there were two girls screaming “OW” so finally we asked if they were okay. Turns out they didn’t speak much English, but they asked us to get help and confirmed they were stuck. Found out the one girl got a fish hook stuck in her hand when she grabbed onto the buoy! We swam back to shore and I tried calling the park to ask for help but someone else ended up helping her free her hand from the buoy and they ran to find someone to help! SO WILD. We ended up swimming some more before heading out.

Some great views of the falls!

After we finished with the main falls we slowly made our way up to the Burnam entrance. 

Our first stop was at Visovac, which is a monastery in the middle of the river, but we just stopped at a viewing point (see the random island).

Then we were off to Roski Slap, another waterfall in the park. You could also swim there but it was super lame to be honest. The waterfall was pretty boring too lol

We had our boring lunch here (meat and bread)

In the same area, there was also a cascading hike. It only took about 20minutes to do the route, but saw some great views!

Next, we went to Manojlovački Slapovi, which is at the top of the park but also the tallest waterfall! The route was not clear so we got a bit lost and walked through some hay for awhile lol.

Finally, we figured it out and found the waterfall! Great views!

Once we finished with the park, we drove to Plivitce National Park (about 2hrs), which is where we were staying for the night. We went for a dinner and got the meat plate for 2. IT WAS ALOT OF MEAT.

At the end of the night, we obviously watched a few movies: Breaking Dawn Pt. 2 and Home Again.

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