Plitvice National Park

OMG. There was a cricket in our little house and it was SO ANNOYING. Thankfully, I always have my earplugs with me but it was still so freaking annoying.

We woke up at 6am to get ready and head over to the park by 7am. Unfortunately for us, the weather man in Croatia was very correct. It rained all day!

It started off with a normal amount of rain.  We saw this SUPER cute doggo while waiting in line ❤❤

We took route “C” which was a route around the park. So many beautiful lakes and falls along the way.


We found a sign for a cave detour. It was lame and just took us to the top where we started. But pretty views!

All the views

After about an hour, we had to get on a boat to get to the next portion of the hike. It was cold. Wet +boat =cold

Some other great views along the way!

After about 1.5hrs it started to really rain. We got to the end of route C and found out we could take the bus to station 2 instead of station 1 and walk about a mile. We decided this would be a good since it was so early still. Well it started POURING. I WAS FROZEN. I COULD NOT FEEL MY HANDS. UGH. Here’s a pic of us drenched. 

Once we finally got back to station 1, we waited in line for the bathroom then changed at the car (cause it finally stopped raining). Fingers crossed we did not flash anyone while peeling off our wet clothes. It took about an hour of the heat on high in the car before I was finally comfortable and unfrozen. Then all of a sudden we saw the sun! Clare googled the weather in Sibenik, our next location, and we decided to go back to the beach we were at Wednesday. We spent a good 2hrs at the beach! It also gave us a good opportunity to dry our clothes!

We left the beach around 4pm to head to our Airbnb. We both showered, then walked to Old Town Sibenik for dinner. We heard some tour guide say some restaurant was her favorite in town so decided to eat there!

Clare wanted pasta (and got that) and I had some risotto! There was a Croatian wedding happening at the church right next to the restuarant so we got to watch all the fun songs, flares, and overall drunkenness!!

We watched the Lego Movie before going to bed!

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