Our only plan for the day was to drive from Sibenik to Mostar to Dubrovnik so we had a lazy morning and headed out around 11am. It took about 2.5hrs to drive to Mostar (which is in Bosnia and Herzegovina). When we parked in a seemingly free parking spot some random guy apparently was monitoring the lot and made us pay 5euro. 

Random side note: apparently there are still a bunch of land mines in Bosnia so no peeing in random bushes for us!

Our first stop was for lunch. We were about 20minutes in and it started POURING. The storm was so intense the power at the restaurant went out! 

I tried to take a photo of the rain- look closely!

After about 30minutes it stopped raining! I realized we didn’t flag where we parked our car so we went back so we could mark down where it was… of course we got a little lost in the process so it’s a good thing we did!

Next stop: Stari Most (aka an old bridge). We walked through the old town and it was actually super cute! The bridge was very pretty as well!

On our walk back to the car we got some icecream (only .50 euro per scoop!). We also walked by this cute doggo laying down and waved at him and he just flipped over ready for belly rubs! So naturally I petted him ❤

We finally made it to our final place to stay and there was a cute dog right outside our room. What a day. Pet 2 dogs.

We headed over for our final dinner and I naturally got pizza again. Its so good here!

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  1. ourcrossings says:

    Wow, what a beautiful and photogenic place to explore and photograph, just look at that bridge! Would love to visit one day 😀


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