The Dead Sea & Mount Nebo

After a long half day at Petra, we drove to the Dead Sea (about 3hrs). Along the way we were googling the differences between sea’s and lakes and it turns out the Dead Sea is actually a lake sooooo that’s awkward.

We arrived at the Hilton and it was a pretty huge change from our couple of nights in the desert/cave.

Luxury is nice, especially after all those bug bites and sleepless nights!

First things first, we went into the Dead Sea! The amount you float is actually amazing. You literally don’t have to move at all. You just float. You can even “stand” in the water and float without treading! The salt does burn a little though so they recommend you don’t spend more than 20minutes in there!

The mud of the Dead Sea is supposed to be really good for your skin too so we lathered up in it!

Per our instructions we waited 15minutes then rinsed off in a fresh water shower. At least some of my skin felt a bit smoother!

We headed to the pool for a bit before going to the executive lounge (status life). The lounge had drinks and food from 6-8pm so we hung out for awhile. Sam and Jack got a bitttttt tipsy while I was mostly just trying not to fall asleep 😂

The Hilton also had a roof top bar so we walked up to check it out, but the sign said it was for “couples only” so it was pretty dull.

I passed out around 10:30pm and slept all the way till 8! WHAT A NIGHT.

The next morning we had an amazing breakfast buffet, then went and re-did basically what we did yesterday… Dead Sea float, Dead Sea body mask, pool time. Only bad part was you can’t just lay out because there were a million flies which constantly land on you and annoy you so you have to chill on the water.

After we checked out, we decided to drive to Mount Nebo on our way to Amman. Mount Nebo is in the bible- it’s where Moses climbs to see the promised land and supposedly is buried somewhere on the mountain. There’s a church with a bunch of old mosaics you can see so we walked around for about 30minutes. Short but interesting!

Off to Amman! We dropped off our rental car and grabbed a taxi to our hotel. By the time we arrived it was time for dinner. We went to this falaffel place called Al-Quds (recommended by my friend Rachel!). The sandwiches were really good and soooooo cheap!

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