Jerash & Amman

Started off the morning with a quick breakfast at our hotel, then we were picked up by the driver we reserved the night before to take us to Jerash. Jerash is about an hour away from Amman and has a city of ruins from wayyyyyy back when. It was a thriving place until 749AD when an earthquake hit and left the city in ruins. Since then they’ve reconstructed a bunch of the ruins so you can walk through the old city and get a feel for what is was like.

One of the gates into the city

Hippodrome- where they would race chariots and have gladiator fights (there was a sign they did races twice a day, but the signs looked very old so I don’t think they do those anymore 🙁 would’ve been cool!)

The oval- used to connect a bunch of roads. Had a bunch of giant pillars too

One of the theaters- if you stood in a specific spot your voice would echo a ton! Science!

Temple of Zeus

Tbh there were just a lot of pillars everywhere!

It took about 2hrs to walk through the ancient city. Thankfully there were some clouds out so it didn’t get TOO hot!

After we finished, we hopped back in the car with our driver and headed back to Amman. We asked to get dropped off at the Citadel instead of our hotel (citadel is on a hill and like to avoid climbing up those as much as possible!)

Once we reached Amman our driver offered to take us to a mosque quickly before going to the citadel. He said it would only take about 15minutes so we said why not! Turns out we arrived like 5minutes after the afternoon prayers had started. We were told we had to wait 20minutes to go up, but once we went up another guy told us we had to wait another 30! So instead we took a selfie and went on our way.

The main point on the citadel is an arch. But the area was a bit larger than expected so we walked around for a bit checking out the ruins.

It also had some good views of the city! You can see how packed all the housing is too- pretty crazy in comparison to what we are used to.

From the citadel, we hiked down to the Roman theater. Basically looked like the theaters we saw in Jerash, but a bit larger. There were also two museums (very small) to explore. One of the workers was literally smoking inside one of them 😂 didn’t make it great to walk around in

Once we finished up, we headed back to the hotel to rest for a bit since we didn’t have any other major things to do in Amman. We played some rummy 500, then went to dinner at a cool place with a terrace that had great views of the citadel!

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