Tel Aviv

Day 1

We started off the morning in Jerusalem. The night before I used Google maps to figure out how to get from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv via bus (I changed the departure time on googlemaps and everything) and for the first time googlemaps let me down HARD. Around 8am, we asked a taxi to take us to the central bus station in Jerusalem and he goes “there is no public transportation on Shabbat (Jewish day of rest). WHAT?! HOW ARE WE SUPPOSED TO GET TO TEL AVIV?!?!? Some quick googling told me there were 10 person buses that left from this one area in Jerusalem so we walked over….found only taxis….. so we decided to take a taxi and negotiated a slightly lower price to take us to Tel Aviv (1hr away).

Once we arrived, we dropped our bags off at our hostel and walked over to Jaffa for a walking tour. We were a bit early so we stopped at the beautiful beach for some rays.

We met the free walking tour guide at the old clock tower (see pic below).

If I’m honest, our tour guide was probably the worst I’ve ever had in these free walking tours. She was very quiet and didn’t have many jokes along the way. But at least we still got a bit of history and random knowledge we wouldn’t have known before!

Along the way we stopped and saw a great view of the beach and skyline

This was a replica of another gate which I cannot remember the importance of…

Tree art! (Don’t actually know if this tree was real)

We also crossed a bridge with all the zodiac signs. Supposedly if you put your hand on your sign and face the Mediterranean and make a wish it will come true!

After the tour (2hrs long) we headed over to the beach. There are a bunch of beaches but naturally we settled at the dog beach.


At one point Sam dug a hole (since he is still a teenage boy) and once he was deep enough (like an hour after he started) a dog came by and started barking at him. Eventually we (us and the owner) were able to get Diego (the dog) to climb in the hole. So caute.

Here’s a fun pic of Jack and another dog sunbathing 😂

After about 3hrs at the beach we went and got a late lunch- shawarma! Delicious as always

Once we finished lunch, we headed back to the hostel to shower and rest. Turns out we were staying at a party hostel so tried to take a nap to be prepared. 

Got a quick dinner nearby around 7pm for fuel.

We hung out with one of our roomies (Dutch) and some German guys at the hostel before going out. When they finally announced it was time to leave I felt reluctant, but also felt like I should go. So I went. After a 15minute walk we stopped for WAYYYYY too long at an atm. It killed any vibes I had. When we got to the first bar I peed and left. Thankfully, Jack felt the same so we left together!

Jack really wanted to take a Lime scooter home. I have the app downloaded but for some reason it wasn’t working! Every time I scanned the scooter it would just restart the app. Dumb. Eventually Jack got his to work and made me climb on the back (LAST THING I EVER WANT TO DO). Of course 10 seconds in he yells at me to break. Of course I did not think this would be a responsibility of mine so I was not prepared and Jack zigged and we both fell dramatically off the scooter. Like 5 girls walking for a night out stared at us and I had to reassure them we were okay (think my hand might be a bit bruised lol). After that I did NOT want to get back on the back of the scooter but of course I did. Never held onto someone harder. Thankfully it was less than a mile and we were home! 

Day 2

Woke up around 9am, grabbed some breakfast and headed out to camel market. It was a pretty basic market with lots of stalls and lots of people and some really good smelling food once in awhile.

The camel market was pretty close to the other beach in Tel Aviv (non dog beach) so we walked on over. This beach had a really nice boardwalk along the beach for like a half mile so we walked along, watched some beach volleyballers (they weren’t great), watched Jack and Sam see who could do the most pull-ups, and look at the random sculptures along the beach.

Why does this statue even exist

Once we got to the end of the beach we decided to head over to Rothschild Street. Since it was a bit farther away we decided to rent some Limes- thankfully my app worked this time!! The street wasn’t really anything special for being “the most expensive street in Israel”. A restaurant my manager had recommended was close by though so we stopped and had some schnitzel for lunch!

After lunch we scootered back to the Jaffa area to see a famous flea market… honestly most of it seemed like if my mom decided to clean out a random corner in our garage and sell the stuff at a market. Tons of used stuff. I’m sure if you tried hard though you would be able to find something good!

We still had some time after the market, but didn’t have anything else we wanted to particularly do so we sat at the beach for about an hour and people watched. Saw a few really good frisbee throwers and some dad having a sand fight with his 4 sons 😂

When it was time to head out, we walked back to the hostel, grabbed our bags and found some more scooters! We scootered about 1mile to the train station to catch the train to the airport!

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