3 Days in Lisbon

We arrived in Lisbon around 9pm, got into our Airbnb, then went to a place for dinner which serves canned fish. Weird I know, but apparently that’s like a thing in Lisbon. They also give it to you on a plate so it’s not as weird.

Had a fishing pole for the menu!

Day 1
Started off the morning with a free walking tour (per usual) and got a great history lesson of Portugal (believe it or not I did not know the history of Portugal before this). Like how Portugal had a dictatorship until 1974!

Cool view……..

Some elevator a guy made so he wouldn’t have to climb up hills and I’ve never related so hard

We ended the tour at this big plaza next to the beach so we went and touched the water and sat in the sand in the sun for a few minutes.

While we were trying to figure out where to eat some guy with a bunch of sunglasses came up to us, but instead of offering sunglasses he pulls out a bag a weed from his pocket instead LOL. We (mostly Nate) ended up getting offered weed/cocaine SEVEN different times throughout the day.

After the walking tour we checked out a restaurant recommended by our walking tour guide that had traditional Portuguese food. IT WAS AMAZING. Like pork leg, fries, rice. Way too much food, but so freaking delicious.

Eating all that food created a nice food coma so we went and took a 2hr nap back at the Airbnb.

For the evening we decided to go up to the Castle and walk around that area. Our walking tour guide told us the Castle was actually entirely rebuilt in the 1900’s so it’s not actually authentic so we didn’t buy tickets to go inside, but the windy streets of the city were fun to walk around and see things!

We did pay like €2 to climb up a bell tower for some #views.

Also, we had our first pastel de nata, which is a custard based tart thing and I don’t really know how to describe it so I guess you’ll just have to go try it for yourself if you’re interested. VVVVVVVV good though.

Saw some Christmas lights still up too!

Day 2
Day trip to Sintra! We booked a tour that drove us around and dropped us off at each place to explore. Our guide gave us some history as we drove to Sintra about Queen Maria and her husband King Ferdinand. Apparently King Ferdinand couldn’t grow facial hair like the rest of the Portuguese people so they called him “Vegetable Face” HAHAHAH SUCKS. He was also like 4’8″ compared to Queen Maria who was 6’2″ so that sucks too. ANYWAYS, King Ferdinand refurbished Pena Palace in Sintra (it was in ruins after the great earthquake). The refurbished palace was the first stop on our trip and is a beautiful, bright and colorful castle!

Our guide was a decent photographer

After Pena Palace, we were dropped off in the town of Sintra to get lunch and explore. Our meal wasn’t quite as delicious as yesterday, but got to sit outside in the nice weather/sun so I’ll call it a win.

From Sintra, we jumped back in our van and headed to Cabo da Roca- the most western point in (mainland) Europe! On the way, learned some random facts about Portugal- they are the worlds largest exporter of cork…. Also cork is tree bark which like makes sense but I definitely did not know that.

Most western point of Europe!!

We ended the day trip with a stop in Cascais. It’s basically just a quaint little beach town- we stopped for some gelato recommended by our guide and then did a little walk around the town. Saw some cute pups.

It was only about a 30minute drive back to Lisbon from Cascais. We got dropped off at Hotel Mundial, which has a rooftop bar so we decided to check out the views. Turned out to be really nice! We stayed for a few hours and watched the sunset.

We ended up going to a Peruvian restaurant for dinner, then chilling at our Airbnb for the rest of the night.

Day 3
Had a bit of a slow start to the morning, but got on our way around 11 (since that’s when the Airbnb required us to leave) and headed over to the Jerónimos Monastery. The monastery was built in the 1500’s and *mostly* survived the Earthquake! It’s a very beautiful building as you can see through my superb photo skills below.

The Monastery is right next to the “best” pastel de nata place in Lisbon- Pastéis de Belém. They were definitely good, but I wouldn’t say they tasted much different than the other one’s we tried! As these are not actually filling, we went to a burger restaurant right next door for some real food. Then started a walk over to the Tower of Belém. On the way we passed this random monument, which was pretty impressive (you could pay to go in…. butttttttttt we didn’t).

The Tower of Belém was a tower….. and I don’t actually know any other historical information about it so here’s a pic instead.

Our plan after the tower was to go to the Alfama neighborhood, but the bus ended up taking FOREVER to show up and we realized we wouldn’t have time to go. Instead we just picked up our bags and headed to the airport. Figured we could go hang in a lounge. JOKES ON US cause we were in Terminal 2 which was actually one of the worst airport terminals I’ve ever been to. So instead we had some hearty McDonalds for dinner.