2 Days in Stockholm

Alyssa and I had a late flight out of London. I had realized earlier in the day that the airport we were arriving to in Stockholm was actually 60MILES away from Stockholm. Someone please inform me how they are allowed to classify that as “Stockholm”. Thankfully, the commuter bus into the city waited for our delayed plane and we were on our way around midnight. I set up a nice little holder for my phone and we watched Love Island which passed most of the ride.

So innovative

Once we arrived we called an uber…. but when we were almost to our location we realized we were going to the wrong place. WHAT. A. NIGHT. Don’t worry we made it to our hotel shortly after 2am. I was a bit hungry and Alyssa pointed out some free peanuts in our room. I ate a handful then started coughing from how hot they were. Turns out they were CHILLI peanuts. Why would anyone even make something like that?!

Day 1

We planned to join a walking tour at 10am and got on the train perfectly timed to get there. After about 10minutes I asked Alyssa if we were close since she had the mapped pulled up on her phone…. turns out we got on the train going the WRONG DIRECTION. WHOOPS. Really great start to our trip so far. We looked online and saw there was another walking tour at 11 so ALL GOOD. Switched our train and decided to get a quick breakfast at Chokladkoppen. Alyssa and I shared a HUGE cinnamon role and I also got a hot chocolate.


We hung out until our walking tour and made this one on time 😊

Our tour was just around Gamla Stan, the old town of Stockholm. It’s a beautiful area with colorful buildings and amazing churches.

Walked down one of (maybe the most… can’t remember) narrowest streets in Europe! They say if you touch both sides you can make a wish!
Smallest statue in Stockholm! He was dressed up for the Chinese New Year and apparently he has an instagram where he posts all his outfits 😂

After our tour we walked around old town for a bit, stopping in random cute stores… looking for coats cause apparently they are known for their coats???

We also stopped at Stockholms oldest pastry shop and had a little pastry before heading on our way to the Vasa Museum!

To get to the Vasa museum we took a ferry which was included in our 24hr public transit pass so that was kinda fun!

We arrived at the Vasa museum knowing absolutely nothing about it besides our friend telling us it was one of the best museums she’s ever gone to. We walk in totally oblivious and BOOM. A HUGE F-ING SHIP. Sunk in the 1600s in Stockholms harbor and pulled up and restored over the last 100 years or so.

Seriously amazing. HUGE.

I kept telling Alyssa this is what a ship from Pirates of the Caribbean would look like in real life 😂

Since they pulled the ship out of the water in the 1930s it was really interesting to read about how they went about the whole process of getting it out. I definitely would not have wanted to be a scuba diver back in those days!

They had this chest as an exhibit in which no one had opened since the 1600s. BUT ONLY A HAT WAS IN IT 😂😂😂😂😂

After we finished exploring the Vasa Museum, we went back to Old town to go walk around a few more shops before dinner. We ended up going to a restuarant called Meatballs for the People, which serves….. meatballs! I got some moose meatballs to mix it up and we also got an appetizer that was this cheesey bread dip. Except it had reindeer heart mixed in!! All was very good though

Since we had such a late night getting in the day before we decided to go back to our hotel, get some wine, and watch Love Island. Tried going to two grocery stores for wine before figuring out they don’t sell booze over like 5% at grocery stores and all the liquor stores were closed…. at 6pm…. on a Saturday. COOL COOL COOL. Bought some wine from our hotel bar thankfully so night plans still worked out!

Day 2

We started off our morning by heading to Skansen, an open air museum. We read some reviews online beforehand that alot of areas in Skansen were closed in the winter but the animals were still out so we decided why not! (Plus we didn’t really have anything else to do). Ended up seeing a bunch of animals, which was pretty fun! Saw some cows, rams, horses, seals, moose, buffalo, lynx, wolves, etc.

Moose! I ate you last night in meatball form 😂😂😂
Unfortunately, the bears were in hibernation for the winter so only got to see this nice guy

There was also a section on the Sami people. They basically live in teepees and huts and eat reindeer and fish and berries. Not sure why there was a section on this, but this photo of a child holding reindeer blood is probably the most ridiculous, gross, yet hilarious thing I’ve ever seen.

Gotta stir it to prevent it from coagulating 😂

We spent a few hours in the museum then decided to head to Drottninggatan, a shopping area in Stockholm. We were both pretty determined to find a coat since we had been told so much about them. and I actually found one! Now I officially have a non-red coat to wear once in awhile!

Since the airport was so far away, we picked up our bags and headed to the bus station around 3pm to make our way to the airport. Quick, but relaxing and fun trip to Stockholm!