Day 1

We landed at 10am in a beautiful 70 degrees and sunny Capetown after a 12hour flight. It took around 40minutes to uber to our Airbnb. We relaxed for about 3minutes before throwing our suits on and heading to the beach! While walking we passed this outdoor public pool area which only cost like $1 so we decided to spend our day there!

We mostly just laid on some grass in the sun, but did jump into the pool for a little bit (actually there were 3 giant pools and 1 other pool with diving boards).

After the pool, we did a slow walk back to our Airbnb on a strip full of shops and got some groceries and sun screen (somehow I was the only one to bring sun screen even though I’m the one that tans the most easily of everyone 😂😂😂)

Since it was Alyssa’s birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY PRETTY ROOMIE), we decided to try this steak house recommended by one of our coworkers (Carne SA). The nice thing about South Africa is that even expensive things are pretty cheap when you converted them (aka steaks were like $20 max).

The group!
There was a safari meat option, which 3 of us ended up getting. Got to try Ostrich, Kudu, Black Wildebeest, Impala, and Blesbok. We all agreed Impala was the best and the only one I thought was too gamey was Kudu (in case anyone ever decides to try one of these)

Day 2

After minimal sleep from our red eye flight, we ended up sleeping in. Once we were all up and ready, we headed over to a breakfast place nearby for some food before heading over to the District Six Museum.

The District Six Museum documents the apartheid in South Africa and how the government forced a whole area of people out of their homes due to their skin color then completely demolished what was left behind.

After the museum, we relaxed shortly before heading to Boulders Bay (the beach with penguins!!!). Boulders Bay is about an hour from Capetown, but it was definitely worth the uber! SOOOOOO MANY PENGUINS. V cute.

The town nearby is called Simon’s Town so we grabbed some dinner at the Lighthouse Cafe. Had some super fresh seafood!

Day 3

Wine tour day! We were picked up at 8:30am for our all day wine tour! The tour took us to three wine regions (five wineries): Paarl, Franschhoek, and Stellenbosch.

First stop was definitely a more modern winery with some fantastic views…. and also where I took the majority of the pictures for the day.
To be honest, I think I liked this wine the best, but I’m not sure if that’s cause I actually liked it the best or if I just couldn’t tell the difference between wines at the end of the day!

V sophisticated
The second winery we went to I guess had a clause that they cannot change anything for 3 generations…. including the cobwebs (idk I couldve done without those)

This was part of the tasting room….
The third winery was a wine farm (idk what the difference is). We got lunch there and I had Bobotie as Alyssa told me it was traditional and I should try it. It’s basically just minced meat with egg. Wasn’t bad but probably would never order again.

I forgot to take pics at the fourth winery, but there we also tried a brandy with some chocolate (wouldn’t say I’m a brandy person to begin with so wasn’t my favorite)

The last winery we had a cheese pairing (yay snacks!). The wine was also pretty good here, but tbd if it was good because of the cheese pairings….

This winery also had some random goats so we gave then a few pets
On the way home we chatted with our new found tour friends. Once we got back we were all pretty dead and full so just relaxed for the night before going to bed early!