Table Mountain

We got picked up nice and early at 5:30am to head over and start our hike up Table Mountain. We decided to hike the India Venster route and were told to get a guide for safety purposes.

The hike started off just before the sun started to rise so it was pretty dark and needed to use our flashlights for about 20minutes!

Beautiful sunrise while we hiked!

Our guide was really great- he kept a good pace along the way, showed us the best photo spots, taught us about the different plants and what spices they were, and showed us how not to kill ourselves while hiking!

The hike itself took about 3hrs and required some scrambling (using your hands to climb up rocks). There was a ton of smoke across Capetown as there was a fire nearby that had been going on for 5 days! Due to the smoke, the views weren’t super clear, but it was still beautiful in it’s own way!

Once we got to the top, you can really see why it’s called “Table” Mountain. The whole top is huge and completely flat! You could hike around the top for a good hour if you want! We sat close to the edge of the Table and got a few good picks!

After such an early start, by the time we got home we all wanted some time to relax. We stopped by an acai restaurant nearby our Airbnb for a quick lunch and then ubered over to Camp’s Bay beach for an afternoon of relaxing in the sun. Turned out to be VERY warm and the water was like 50 degrees farenheit so couldn’t exactly hang out in the water either. We ended up spending a little less than 3hrs before heading to a spot for an early dinner.

The restaurant is called The Codfather and basically is like a fish market, where a guy shows you all the fish and you can pick how big of a slice you want and they weigh it and tell you how much it’ll be. When you’re happy with your selection they cook it for you! I got some KingKlip and Salmon (the salmon was actually from Norway, but I love salmon so that’s really what I wanted). The food was very good!!

After our early dinner, we headed back to the Airbnb to shower and relax before going to a jazz club for the night. The jazz club was called The Crypt and was in an old church (although not actually under the church like the name might suggest lol). Jazz in South Africa has a bit of an African twist to it so it was a fun vibe. Two girls from our Garden Route tour ended up coming and joining us as well! We stayed for 2 sets before all deciding we needed some sleep from our LONG day.

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