Robben Island

We pre booked tickets online for a tour of Robben Island. We met at the ferry docks about 9am and it took around 30minutes to get out to the island. Once there, we were loaded onto a few different buses to take us around the Island.

The first stop was at the main prison. We actually got out and met an ex political prisoner who gave us a tour of the prison. It’s kind of surreal to have an ex prisioner giving tours as it reminds you how all this happened not that long ago. He explained how they were required to carry ID cards around the prison at all times and some of the ways they were mistreated by the wardens. To this day, there are some prisoners who’s families still do not know what happened to them.

We got to walk around the prison a bit as well, going into cells. Each cell had a picture of who stayed there and a little story from their time in prison.

The prison

Nelson Mandela’s cell- he was on Robben Island for 18 of his 27 years imprisoned

After the tour of the prison, we got back in the bus and drove around the island to see some of the other buildings. There is actually a community of workers who live on Robben Island. The Island itself is very large and much of it actually doesn’t have buildings. We also drove past some guns and structures built before the war in preparation for attack.

The overall tour lasted about 3hrs and then we hopped back on the ferry to Cape Town.

Since we were back at the Victoria and Alfred waterfront, we decided to walk around a market we found online. There were a bunch of little stalls selling a wide range of stuff. There was also an ice cream place where you could build your own ice cream sandwich. SO GOOD. I got Nutella and chocolate chip cookies and mint ice cream.

After the market, we got an uber to take us to Bo Kaap- a little neighborhood known for its colorful houses. It’s super cute. We got lunch in one of the restaurants in that area.

After lunch, we headed back to our area of town and did some more boutique shopping on our walk back to the Airbnb. We decided to have a chill night and watch some movies and order in a pizza!