Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, & Italy

Well it’s not every day that you are in 5 countries in one day. But today was that day!

We started the morning by driving to meet with Nate’s friend from college who lives in Southern Germany- Luis. We met at some waterfall area called Stuibenfall in Northern Austria. It was a bunch of mini waterfalls connected which you could swim in and jump off of. Luis had been to this area before so he knew which waterfalls you could actually jump off with deep water below (so you didn’t break your legs). While fun, the water was FREEZING so the second you jumped in you couldn’t breathe cause of the cold and quickly swam to get out 😂

Here’s the series of 3 waterfalls we jumped off of!
We sat in the sun to warm up / dry off and hang out for a bit before driving over to Lake Plansee. There were a ton of people there so we didn’t stay long but it was a beautiful lake!

Since we were so close (well at least the closest we will ever be) to Lichtenstein we decided to drive there and get a late lunch and walk around for the rest of our day. On the way we ended up driving through Switzerland for about 20minutes because the route was faster! They did stop us at the boarder but thankfully let us in!

First time in Switzerland!
Once we arrived in Lichtenstein we stopped in a town called Vaduz (pretty sure this is the only town tourists stop in). We had some pizza at a restaurant then walked around town and drove up to the Vaduz Castle.

Obviously had a big cathedral
The Vaduz Castle apparently is actually the private residence for the royal family. Really have no idea what Lichtenstein’s government is since it’s so small, but I’m definitely jealous of their views!

After Lichtenstein we headed to our airbnb in Italy, which took about 3hrs and included many tunnels and lots of rain. Here’s to hoping the rain dies down by tomorrow!

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  1. Beatrice Ting says:

    This is really pretty!!! It’s wonderful to read about the beautiful travels when some parts of the world are still in lock down 😦 I miss travelling so much!

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