Dolomites – Lago Di Carezza

We woke up early to drive the rest of the way to the Dolomites. Our airbnb was a mini farm and the lady offered to bring by some freshly squeezed milk straight from the cow! I usually drink skim milk so wasn’t sure if I would like it, but it almost tasted like a melted milkshake! Not bad.

Before we left she also offered to show us her barn. They have 11 cows! One was pregnant and there was one little baby cow that was 5 weeks old- he was sooooo cute! (Although pretty big for a baby). They also had 2 pigs that were sleeping in the corner.

After our tour we drove about 1.5hrs into the Dolomites and stopped at Lago di Carezza. The weather wasn’t great and a lot of the things to do here involve taking gondolas that are pretty expensive so figured we could do a free lake on a less nice day.

Thankfully, by the time we got there the rain had mostly subsided. Unfortunately, the parking lot was full so we had to drive up the road about a mile. It ended up working out though because there was a trail close to where we parked that took us down to the lake!

Safe to say the lake was absolutely stunning! Blue/green waters and once the clouds moved we could see the giant Dolomites in the background.

You can barely tell it’s a lake in this picture because it’s so reflective and green!
We ended up getting lunch by where we parked our car. Nate ordered something called “boiled sausages” which turned out to be hotdogs 😂😂
It took us about 2hrs to drive to the town we were staying- we took a bit of a longer route to see some views (Sella Group mountain range) and it was worth it!

When we finally arrived at our airbnb in Ortisei it was down pouring rain- thankfully we had the nicest airbnb host that provided us a welcome snack when we arrived!

We went out to dinner in the cute town, but otherwise had a relaxing night (since it was raining)

Cute town we stayed in

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