Dolomites – Alpe Di Suisi

The forecast for the day said nice morning with a rainy afternoon so we woke up early again and made our way to the Mont Seuc cable car that was about a mile from our airbnb. The nice thing about hiking in the Dolomites is that there are a ton of cable cars so you don’t have to waste all your energy just getting to the top!

Alpe di Suisi is a plateau and the largest high-altitude Alpine meadow in Europe (according to the internet). We arrived at the cable car shortly after 8:30am (when it opened) and had a quick 10minute ride up to the top. Just getting off the cable car you can already see magnificent views of the Dolomites.

I found a hike online that would take us in a giant loop of the plateau- turned out to be a bittttt longer than I would’ve hoped. I think we ended up walking about 10miles 😂😂

The whole walk just gave different views of the mountain range, which never got old.

Some animals along the way as well! (Mostly cows)

Don’t ask me what this is for…

We finally arrived at Compatsch (where we thought was close to the end) and had a meal at the ski center there. Nothing fancy, but still had the nice views of the mountains.

We realized that the hike we took you were supposed to just go back the way you came….. to which we said definitely no. We thankfully found a route that only took about an hour to get back to the gondola.

Safe to say I was exhausted by the time we got back (of course our airbnb is a mile UPHILL from where the cable car was). Can’t complain about a day with these views though.

Once we finally arrived back at our airbnb the forecast of the day totally changed and it was blue skies for the afternoon! We decided to go lay out on some grass and enjoy the rays while we could.

We ended the night with a dinner in town!

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    Beautiful 😍

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