Dolomites – Seceda

Another early morning to get up and go hiking! Seceda is probably one of the most insta-worthy places in the Dolomites so we picked a day of the week with good weather to go visit- and wow it was amazing!We took the cable car from the town up to Seceda, which took around 25minutes (and 2 cable cars). I found another hike online to make a loop around the area, but we started off with the most famous view point- the jagged rocks. Seriously beautiful!Like I could post a million photos it’s so picturesque. Eventually we did start our actual hike and loop around the area. All the mountains were gorgeous like always.There was a “hut” about halfway where we stopped for some food and drinks (and sun)The hike back was very uphill and tiring, but we survived with only some sunburns

We had about a 2hour drive to our next hotel in the Dolomites, which obviously provided some amazing views driving.

What a beautiful day!

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