Dolomites – Lago Di Braies

We had a nice breakfast at our hotel then headed off to Lago Di Braies for the morning! Turns out you have to get there at 8:30 (at the latest) to get parking near the lake. We didn’t arrive until about 9:30, but thankfully got into the lot about 3miles from the lake before that one filled too. We had to take a bus from that lot, which came about every 20minutes so we ended up waiting about 40minutes because there were so many people ahead of us in line.

Once we got to the lake you could see why it was so popular- blue / green water, beautiful mountains!

The touristy/popular activity here is to rent a row boat and spend some time out on the lake. We rented one for about 30 euro for 1hour and mostly had a photo shoot, but also rowed around and enjoyed the views for a bit!

Apparently, photographers arrive super early to get pictures of the boat house without anyone on it. I think I got a pretty good photo though

After our row around the lake, we got some bratwurst from the restaurant and then walked a bit and sun tanned next to the lake! Eventually, it was too hot to keep laying there so we decided to head back to the bus. Unforunately, they reopen the road for lake parking at 3pm…. right around when we were getting the bus. Which was unfortunate because the bus had to wait in the LONG line of cars trying to get to the lake parking so we ended up waiting about an hour for the bus just to get there! Definitely would recommend getting to the lake earlier in the day to avoid all this 😂

By the time we got back to the hotel it was about 5pm so we relaxed before heading to dinner. We went to a pizzeria, but also had a pasta starter and all the food was amazing! Would recommend- Pizzeria IL Ponte.

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