Dolomites – Tre Cime & Forestis Hotel

Today was the day we finally got to stay in our fancy hotel! But first we wanted to get in a hike around Tre Cime since it is one of the most popular mountain ranges in the Dolomites.

We arrived to the Tre Cime area around 9:30 to find (once again) the parking near the top was full (we aren’t very good at this). We had to drive around forever until Nate parked the car in a somewhat awkward area and we went to catch the bus. You bought your tickets on the bus so each bus took forever to load people since the driver had to divy out people’s change. The line for the bus was also super long so we ended up waiting what seemed like forever until we got on one!

Another day another bus line

Basically if you want to go to these major attractions you need to get there EARLY to park. The bus did save us some money though because to park up at the top of Tre Cime costs 30 euro!

The bus ride took about 30minutes to go up the mountain. We were dropped off outside of Rifugio Auronzo. The main route people take is a loop around Tre Cime, which takes about 3.5hrs. We ended up not getting up there until about 11:30am and our hotel for the night was 2hrs away (and it was a fancy hotel so we wanted to be able to spend time there). We decided to start the loop and see how far we could get and decide if we should do the whole thing or just part of it (spoiler we just did part of it).

The views once the bus drops you off are pretty incredible! We started walking the loop and stopped for plenty of pics of the scenery.

Here’s a good pic of Tre Cime – it’s basically some LARGE rocks sticking out on top the mountain

We ended up hiking for about 40minutes before deciding to turn around and head back and start driving to the hotel.

Last stop before turning around!

On the hike back we saw a family with a bulldog, except the dad was carrying the bulldog over his shoulder because he was too tired πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Once we got back to Rifugio Auronzo we waited about 20minutes for the bus to take us back down, grabbed some food at a grocery store for lunch, then headed on our way!

The route GoogleMaps took us to get to our hotel was not great. We went into the mountains on one lane, winding roads. Glad I wasn’t driving, but I was definitely still stressed just watching!

Eventually we arrived at our hotel! We ended up getting upgraded to a suite!!! It was seriously beautiful!

After exploring the room, we went to the pool for a swim and relaxed on some chairs.

Instead of spending too much money on dinner in the hotel restaurant, we went to a grocery store and bought some meats and cheese and fruit and wine to eat on our balcony. The sunset on the mountains was also beautiful!

Amazing relaxing night after so much hiking!

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  1. Beatrice Ting says:

    Such pretty pictures!! ❀


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