4 Days in Palermo, Sicily

We arrived in Palermo around 9pm at night and decided to go out for a late night dinner (it is Italy after all). We only went about 5minutes from our airbnb but had a DELICIOUS dinner. Alyssa and I decided to split a pizza and ask the waiter for a recommendation. Apparently, pistachios are a HUGE thing here so we ended up with a pistachio pizza…. AND IT WAS AMAZING. Still pretty amazed how good it was. Might try all the pistachio flavored things now (keep reading to find out)

Day 1

We started off our morning with a walking tour of Sicily (as we love to do). Our guide gave a lot of great recommendations for foods to try and places to go eat and drink which was great! Palermo is also beautiful with old buildings and beautiful balconies.

Walking is tiring

We stopped for lunch to get some arancinis (fried balls of rice and some meats and cheese, etc.) They were actually V good. Would recommend (I mean it’s fried so how do you go wrong?)

Nate and I had to work a bit during the day after our walking tour while Alyssa and Tom went to the beach (life is hard).

After work was finally over, we got some wine from the grocery store to drink on the balcony until Tom and Alyssa got back

We had reservations at a nice seafood restaurant for dinner. It was a bitttt too nice as the portions were small and fancy, however they did refill the bread they gave us like 4 times ๐Ÿ˜‚

After dinner we walked to the Galleria Delle Vittorie (we stopped here on our walking tour and it was cute so we decided to go back). The gallery was only reopened in 2014 because the area was in a state of neglect for a long time. Now there’s a bar and live music! Oddly enough when we arrived they were playing “Sweet Home Chicago” so I danced a bit before we sat down for some drinks. We all got a fancy cocktail and enjoyed the vibes of the area.

This is one end of the Galleria – had some fun with the pics!

Day 2

Our plan for the day was to take a train to the nearby town of Cefalรน. Turns out the trains don’t actually run that frequently in the morning so we had to wait until 11:40 to catch the train (whoops!). It took about an hour on the train to get there.

Once we arrived we walked to the beach and rented some beach chairs for the day. The water was so warm and beautiful. We ended up staying at the beach until about 7pm. Had a few daiquiris too ๐Ÿ˜

We got dinner in town at a beach side restaurant- food was nothing to rave about, but the view was nice! After dinner we walked around town and stopped at an ice cream stand that had been recommended by our walking tour guide. I got the pistachio ice cream (since that’s what it’s known for) and it was actually really good! Had a peanut butter vibe to it (naturally since it was a nut), but the taste wasn’t quite as overpowering as peanut butter can be. Would recommend!

Day 3

We booked an airbnb “experience” to spend the day out on a sailboat. These nice Italians (who didn’t speak much English) gave us an amazing day out on their boat! Well fed and plenty of drinks to go around (although they seemed to not have packed that much water, which for 8hrs on a boat you’d think that would be key lol). The boat took us from Palermo to the Mondello beach where we put the anchor down and swam around for the day. They also cooked an amazing lunch- Swordfish and eggplant pasta!

CANNOT forget to mention Tata the boat dog. She even had some sunglasses at one point (sadly no phone was nearby to capture that moment)

Delicious lunch!

Overall fantastic day in the water – definitely got a lot of sun too!

When we got back to the dock the boys went to find an atm because we forgot to get some cash out to tip with. Alyssa and I hung out on the boat while they were gone. Found out a music video was filmed on the boat ๐Ÿ˜‚ DJ Taz & Celo. While trying to speak to them they mentioned something about Nutella so Alyssa and I were like oh yeah of course (thinking they were just asking if we knew about it), but then the man got up and I realized he was asking if we wanted some on bread! Whoops lol But of course the Nutella bread was delicious!

We ended up going to a restaurant near our airbnb for dinner and I had pistachio pizza again (would say njght 1 was better though)

Day 4

We went “back” to Mondello, but this time via bus instead of boat. We rented some beach chairs and hung out on the beach for about 4hrs until the weather turned bad. We spent the rest of the day wandering Palermo and eating some snacks. Nothing too exciting as I have realized I took zero pictures! Oh well- amazing weekend ij the sun!

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  1. Dhatri Iyer says:

    Palermo is awesome, I agree. I just have a question: Was Sicily your favorite place you’ve ever visited, or do you have another pick? I would to know some out-of-the-way destinations!


    1. I enjoyed Palermo, but it was definitely a beach town! I enjoy hiking, etc. so I prefer some of my trips that have some more activity like the Dolomites!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Dhatri Iyer says:

        Cool, thanks for answering!๐Ÿ˜


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