2 Days in Northern Ireland

We had a night flight from London to Belfast and then about an hour drive to our Airbnb in Bellycastle (close to the Giants Causeway) where we went straight to bed!

Day 1

We left our Airbnb around 9am and walked into town to find a place for breakfast. We found a nice bakery (Ursa Minor) and a nice Irish man waiting behind us told us it was definitely the best one in town!

After brekkie, we drove about 20minutes to Portballintrae where we parked our car and started a mini “hike” towards the Giant’s Causeway. It was just a path along the coast so we saw some pretty views along the way.

We also saw ALOT of dogs so that was even better.

It took probably about 30minutes to get to the building before the Giant’s Causeway. You can get an audioguide there if you want to learn more history, but we have Google soooooo we just took the free option.

After a short walk down we arrived at the Giant’s Causeway! To be honest I really did expect it to be bigger. It was quite a small section, but nonetheless it was still pretty cool that these rocks formed into pillars!

As we kept on walking we ran into some more random cool rock formations along the route.

And while all the rocks were very cool, the coast line was soooooo pretty! It definitely helped that we had a gorgeous day too.

We stopped at a random restaurant/pub for a much needed late lunch. Had a refreshing cider (would recommend Orchard Thieves)

From lunch we drove a short distance to The Dark Hedges. It sounds more mysterious than it is. In Game of Thrones they used this path to transport Arya when she was taken prisoner (pretending to be a boy). I’m actually not sure if people came to this place before Game of Thrones, but it was a pretty little path.

Black and White for more mysteriousness

By the time we got back to the airbnb it was already almost 6pm so we relaxed for a bit before walking down to the waterfront (about a 15minute walk). There was a restaurant and a bunch of ice cream places and a pub. We put our name in at the restaurant then went to the pub for a drink while we waited. The pub definitely was not following any sort of social distancing guidelines and was kinda crazy to remember what life was like 6 months ago 😂. Dinner was nothing out of the ordinary but a good way to finish our evening.

Day 2

I woke up early (as I always seem to do) so I tried to look up what we could do for the day. I found a random blog post in which this woman RAVED about Kinbane Castle, saying it was her favorite place in all of Ireland AND Northern Ireland. While that seemed a bit dramatic I figured it couldn’t be that bad and it was only like a 5minute drive from our airbnb.

Before setting off we got a nice breakfast in town. I had a HUGE hot chocolate. Probably could’ve been my whole meal it was that filling.

After brekkie we were off to the world renowned (per the one lady on the internet) Kinbane Castle!

We had to walk quite a few steps down to get to the area of the castle, but it was a very pretty area. I guess I should clarify that the castle barely exists anymore, it was basically just half a tower still standing, but the general area was beautiful!

Can you see the tower I was talking about??

Here’s a better look from the other side 😉

Finally got a group photo too!

We unfortunately had to climb all the way back up the stairs we came down to get back to the car, but alas I survived.

We drove another 25minutes to a mini hike Tom had found. It was within a forest area so lots and lots of greeness and trees. Apparently I forgot to take any photos. Whoops!

After the hike we drove along the coast as we made our way back to Belfast. The views along the coast were absolutely beautiful the whole time! We stopped once in a random small town and had a mini lunch break before continuing on.

Once we got to Belfast we realized it’s not the most exciting of cities. Nothing was open outside of restaurants (because it was Sunday). Dan was craving Indian food for some reason so we ended up getting some Indian for dinner!

Overall, a fun and quick trip while staying within the UK (fingers crossed for more traveling one of these days).

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