Peak District

We drove up to our airbnb in Buxton after work Friday night (about 3.5hrs). We got in around 10pm and had some wine to cap off our night.

Day 1

We had brekkie at our airbnb and then headed out around 10am to our “walk” for the day – Kinder Scout. I don’t really know why but all the hikes in the Peak district are called walks, but this was definitely not just a simple walk!

The hike started off at the Old Nag’s Head pub (not like inside drinking, we walked past it)

The hike started off with a nice walk through some pretty fall trees and some random sheep fields.

After a mostly flat path we started the ascent up to the Kinder Scout plateau. It was basically walking up a gorge with lots of rocks we have to climb over. It was a bit wet so had to be careful not to slip (some of us were better at this than others)

It was quite a long route up the rocks, but when we finally made it to the top it was…. super cloudy! LOL. Lots of dogs up at the top though so can’t complain too much

We walked around at the top of the plateau for a bit (lots of the same cloudy views mostly… and the dogs obviously)

Our descent had slightly less rocks than on the way up. It did start to clear a little on the way down so we were able to get some good photos!

We had almost a 2 mile walk back to the start once we reached the bottom again (route is a big circle). Walked though some more random sheep fields with pretty views of the rolling British hills!

We stopped at the Old Nag’s Head pub for a pint and some French fries before we left!

On our way back to the airbnb, we stopped at a butcher for some ribeyes to make for dinner and also stopped at Aldis for some veggies and wine. While checking out the lady asked for ALL our IDs and Nate didn’t have his so she wouldn’t sell us the alcohol (keep in mind the drinking age is only 18 in the UK). Brooke tried to go back in by herself but they remembered her đŸ˜‚ (oh well picked up some wine from the Waitrose across the street instead).

We spent the night eating our delicious steaks and playing games – we lost Pandemic (hopefully thats not indicative of anything) and then we played Monopoly deal (I won once!) and Exploding Kittens.

Day 2

Airbnb required us to check-out at 10am so we left again at that time. We drove around 30minutes to the Chatsworth House- basically just a giant manor that’s now a tourist destination.

On the way we stopped in a town named Bakewell, which is where the Bakewell Tart was created! Dan and Brooke like these a lot (I never had one). The town was also super cute!

Once we got to Chatsworth House, we saw a bunch of signs that you needed prepaid tickets but it was like 14pounds a person! We found a parking lot thankfully that was free and we walked around 30minutes to get to the manor. Beautiful area!

We were able to walk around some of the grounds and hiked up to the old hunting tower. Had some nice views up there!

After exploring, we drove to The Boat’s Inn for a Sunday Roast. The roast itself was okay, but the pub was super cute and we got to meet a nice little (actually huge) pupper named Panda.

It took another 3hours to drive back to London- fun little weekend trip!

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