Stonehenge, Salisbury & Nunney Castle

We picked up the rental car from Heathrow in the morning to drive down to Cornwall. Since the drive is quite long, we decided to make a few stops on the way!

I’ve lived in England for almost 2 years and still have not seen Stonehenge- so now seemed like the perfect time! I did some research on the possibilities of visiting without paying the 20 POUNDS to get a ticket cause that seemed like a lot to see “some stones”. Thankfully I found an article online how you can park on Fargo Road then walk 15-30minutes and see Stonehenge (however, just one side of Stonehenge- you can’t walk around like you could with a real ticket).

Parking was pretty easy- turns out we could’ve gone down a country road and parked even closer but it had a lot of pot holes so it was probably for the best. Plus the walk only ended up being about 15minutes anyways. You see Stonehenge from afar pretty early on the walk, we actually ended up walking by the ticket lady cause it wasn’t totally clear how you can get close without paying, but thankfully some man was on a run in this random field that turned out to be an actual trail you could go through someone’s farm- and it went right up against Stonehenge!

You can kinda tell from the pictures how there are people closer to Stonehenge (actual ticket payers). One good thing of Covid is that overall less tourists are out and about so we got plenty of photos without any of the ticketed visitors in them!

After we were done taking pics, we walked back to the car and made our way into the town of Salisbury nearby. Due to Covid you had to book tickets to the cathedral in advance, but there were plenty of open spots so I only booked about 1hour beforehand. We walked around the town and found a bakery for a little yummy and unhealthy lunch 😁

Some pretty fall colors in England!

The main town area is actually pretty big and has a ton of shops so you really could spend more time there if you wanted. After lunch we walked over to the Cathedral (tallest spire in England!). The Cathedral was very beautiful (as they tend to be) and was built way back in 1258. It also has the oldest working clock in existence and one of the four original magna carta’s that are still around! Some pretty cool things to make the Cathedral even more interesting to visit!

Really enjoyed visiting the Cathedral- compared to some others I’ve gone to it was definitely worth the price!

By the time we finished up exploring Salisbury it was almost 2:30pm and we still had over a 3hr drive to the wigwam in Cornwall we were staying in. We decided to do one more quick stop before driving the rest of the way.

Nunney Castle is actually closer to Glastonbury but we didn’t have time to do all the things Glastonbury has to offer and Nunney Castle is free soooooo quick stop! It took about 40minutes to drive over there and it was a super small, cute British town. The Castle was refurbished but still felt old! It was really not that big, but you could tell it would’ve had 4 floors when it was actually lived in. Surrounded by a moat so gave it even more cool vibes.

We also walked to the church nearby, which naturally has been around for ages- very small though and the inside wasn’t a Cathedral, but was still cute.

We didn’t spend too long here- maybe 20minutes exploring- then we started on the long drive to our Wigwam! Lots of spooky tiny one lane roads but we made it! (This pic was taken the next morning in the sun)

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