Exeter & Glastonbury

We planned a few stops for the day on our way back to London. We left the Wigwam around 9:30am and drove about 1.5hrs to get to Exeter.

Exeter seemed like a decently big city- we went mostly to see the cathedral, but ended up walking along this pretty waterfront for a bit, which have little “caves” built into the rocks that were shops!

We also got a cream tea as we were in Devon and Devon has Devonshire cream (vs the Cornish cream had in Cornwall). Alyssa insisted I try both if we were going to be in both areas. Verdict: I liked the Devonshire cream better! It was thicker and had a bit more taste in my opinion.

As I said before, we came to see the cathedral technically so we walked over to the big pretty church. Since it was Sunday and masses were happening we couldn’t actually go in (which in a way was good cause then we saved a few dollars). Was still a pretty big church to walk around the outside!

From Exeter we drove another 1.5hrs to Glastonbury. Glastonbury is mostly well-known because it has a HUGE music festival every year (except this year obviously). However, it was originally more well known back in the dayyyyy because supposedly Jesus’ uncle Joe brought the chalice from the Last Supper to Glastonbury (with some of Jesus’ blood). It became a very religious place because of that until King Henry 8 had the abbey destroyed.

Now the chalice supposedly is at the bottom of a well and you can go bathe in the water if you need healing. Glastonbury in general is a place for both those religious and those just straight up hippies!

We decided to walk up to the Glastonbury Tor (it was the only free thing 😂). We parked in the town center then walked about a mile (total) to reach the top. Basically sounded like this place used to flood alot so people did a lot on this hill to survive the floods below lol. It has a tower at the top now that people walk up to.

There were quite a few hippies at the top- see the random people in a circle that look like maybe they were doing yoga but they just stayed standing the whole time. Lots of what smelled like weed too! But some beautiful sites of the British farmland!

The tower at the top wasn’t anything crazy exciting. You couldn’t climb up it or anything.

On our walk back from the Tor we walked by the Chalice Wells garden (which has the well mentioned above that the chalice from the last supper is supposedly in and which apparently has healed people). It wasn’t very expensive to go in and we didn’t have much else to do for the day so we decided to check it out.

Another note- Glastonbury is also where King Arthur and Guinevere are supposedly buried and this chalice is considered the holy grail!

The gardens themselves were very pretty and relaxing- they ask you to turn your cell phone on airplane mode so you don’t ruin the vibes.

When you get tickets you can buy bottles to drink some of the holy water (they have a special place you can drink from that’s tested to ensure it’s safe). We did not buy waterbottles but did do a quick tasting with our hands! Some people before us were very much believers in the good juju as they lit candles and incense and had some crystals they put under the spout to drench in the water!

The water is red from either 1) iron or 2) the blood of Jesus’ brought by his uncle Joe. Honestly it tasted better than I expected but I wouldn’t want to drink it every day (they warn you not to have more than a few sips a day anyways because of the iron).

We also walked by the actual Well in which the water comes from and where the chalice/holy grail is supposedly at the bottom of. It didn’t actually look that deep tbh

The rest of the gardens were just pretty. I’m sure it would be a really nice place to visit in the spring!

Once we finished our walk through the gardens (they weren’t really that big- probably took 30minutes to walk through slowly), we headed back to the car to finish the drive back to London.

We tried to drive by the Wells Cathedral in the town next to Glastonbury, but we sadly didn’t get good views from the street and didn’t want to figure out parking!

We stopped on the way back at a Pizza Express for dinner and Nate tried some vegan cheese the waitress had recommended- first time he’s ever had “cheese” on his pizza!

We made it back to Heathrow around 8:30pm to drop off the car and caught the tube the rest of the way home.

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