Quilotoa Lake

Only one plan for the day- Quilotoa Lake! It was about 1.5hr drive from Latacunga. Had a bit of a late start so we ended up getting to the lake at 11:30. It was only $2 per person to get into the Lake area and parking was pretty simple!

There was a free bathroom in the information center which was basically just a market to sell a bunch of stuff. Nate wanted coffee so we found a random shop for him then we walked to the lake!

There is a general viewpoint area right away so we got someone to take our picture.

Then we headed to the trail- a loop around the rim of the crater that was supposed to be about 6miles however by the end of the day my fitbit said we walked 10miles sooooooo

The rim around the lake is pretttyyyy high elevation. The highest point was 12,893 feet! The route was very much up and down so you would die for 20minutes then be easy breezy for 20minutes. The altitude was definitely starting to get to me though cause every time we hiked up my head would start pounding. Good thing I forgot to bring my Tylenol!

The hike was very pretty though! Gorgeous lake with lots of little outputs to take cool pics on!

At the highest point on the mountain we met a beautiful pup 😍 I gave him some of my peanuts cause he was hungry.

Towards the end of the hike the clouds rolled in. Thankfully it didn’t truly start to rain until the last 30minutes.

We found a restaurant once we got back to get out of the rain. We had some coca tea (aka the cocaine leaves lol but supposed to be helpful to help with altitude). Nate’s first time trying it!

After a nice meal we got back on the road to get back to Latacunga for sleeps. Fun side note- on the mountain road to/from the lake there are tons of dogs that just hang out on the side of the road. We saw many cars throw like full bagels to them for snacks. We decided to give part of Nate’s croissant to a few pups. I tried to capture a pic of a dog chilling on the side of the road but it wasn’t great.

See da blurry little precious boy

Stay: Hostal Dulce Hogar – Av Remigio romero cordero 997 Y medardo ángel Silva, 050150 Latacunga, Ecuador

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