Papallataca Hot Springs

After lunch we drove about 3hrs from Tena to Papallataca to a resort: Termas de Papallataca. This area is known for it’s natural hot springs so the resort had a bunch of nice hot pools (and a few cold one’s if you want to dip in and jump back to the hot).

We went and got a bottle of wine at a shop nearby then just ordered room service for the night (steaks!).

The next morning we had a pretty basic breakfast at the hotel then booked a chocolate wrap at the Spa for later in the day. The hotel had a mini hike (2.5miles) so we did the walk in about 1hour. It was a nice little path that ran next to some rapids.

After our hike we chilled in one of the hot tubs until we had to check out at 1pm. We grabbed lunch just outside the hotel area at the first restaurant we saw- they gave us quite a bit of food! Also a random dog followed us inside the restaurant and was so cute and cuddly and wanted all the pets.

After lunch, we went back to the resort for our Chocolate wrap therapy! They gave us these cloth underwear to wear (so our stuff didn’t get ruined by chocolate). They started off by exfoliating your body, then you jump quickly in a shower to wash it off. Then comes the chocolate! The lady just rubs it basically all over. It was kinda hot as she dripped it on but felt good I guess? Lol It definitely smelled delicious!

After they finish bathing your body in chocolate they wrap you in saran wrap, cover you with warm towels then let you lay there for about 15minutes! It was relaxing but also kinda weird being unable to move. After the 15minutes you get hosed down with like a fire hose to get all the chocolate off. It was pretty aggressive 😂

After we finished our spa experience, we drove back to the Quito Airport Hotel Suites for the night. We found a random pizza place nearby- Chester’s pizza- for dinner. Ended up being pretty decent pizza!

And that’s a wrap on the Ecuador trip! Would recommend if you like doing adventurous activities!

Stay: Termas de Papallataca – Km. 65 via Quito EC150753 Papallacta Ecuador

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