3 Days in Dorset

Airbnb- Wareham, Dorset: https://abnb.me/bR7z4ki7Xfb

Tom picked Alyssa and I up from the Uxbridge tube station in London to drive down to our Airbnb in Wareham, Dorset. We arrived around 8pm and cooked some pasta before relaxing and going to bed.

Day 1

I woke up around 8am and laid in bed for 30mins before I was super hungry. Made some quick eggs, bacon, and toast for breakfast. Around 9:15 I decided to go for a walk around the town since Alyssa and Tom weren’t up yet.

We stayed in Wareham, Dorset. It’s a quaint little town, but there’s a river that I walked along that was very pretty and the sun was heating up the morning very nicely.

The main town area to the left
Cute little house I walked by

There was a market in the main part of town, but I didn’t bring a mask with me so I just saw from a distance. I walked for about an hour before heading back to finish packing for our day (Alyssa and Tom were up by then).

We drove about 20mins to Knoll Beach. We used this as our starting point for hiking out to Old Harry Rocks (famous cliff edge rocks- you’ll see soon πŸ™‚). The beach area was cute with lots of little huts and actual sand! The UK beaches tend to have pebbles instead of sand.

The walk to Old Harry Rocks was partially through the sand and partially through grass. It took about an hour to get there (we weren’t walking particularly fast though). It also started raining a little bit- thankfully cleared up by the time we reached the end. The rocks were definitely pretty! Would recommend for some beautiful views!

The beach also had very clear water!

We spent a bit of time once we reached the area- the white cliffs (just like Dover) go for a while! We were getting pretty hungry though so we probably spent about 30minutes before making our way back.

We packed lunch so we just went to the beach and had our sandwiches for lunch.

We also decided to get some ice cream after lunch at the cafe on the beach 😁

On our drive back to the airbnb it started to rain and naturally right when we got out of the car it started to down pour- and of course we couldn’t find parking so we had to walk 5minutes in the pouring rain to get back- we had umbrellas but my shoes and leggings still got extremely wet!

We definitely didn’t want to go explore the town in the pouring rain so we ended up playing Mario party! Tom had bought it for his switch cause I told him too lol. It was both his and Alyssa’s first time playing!

By the time Mario party was done (I won 😁). The rain mostly was gone so we went out and found a nearby bar called The Bear that had available seats. We got some drinks and some cake- pre dinner delight!

After about 1.5hrs we got had to leave cause reservations for dinner started to arrive. We decided to order take out for dinner but we called so many places and they told us they weren’t doing take away! We ended up getting some pizza (could’ve been worse but wasn’t the best). To end the night we played Phase 10 (Tom won ☹).

Day 2

We cooked breakfast at the airbnb again and left around 10am to drive down to the start of our hike for the day! When we got to the car we found the birds had some fun- SO much poop! πŸ˜‚

After Tom scrapped off some of the poop on the windows we drove about 20minutes to Lulworth Cove to park and start the hike to Durdle Door! Lulworth Cove itself was super pretty with very clear water!

The start of the hike was going straight up a giant hill for about 10minutes (was not a fan)

Right before Durdle Door is the Man O’ War beach (don’t ask me who comes up with these names). Basically the whole coastal area in this region is pretty.

Just past this cove is Durdle Door! Durdle Door is really just famous for the natural arch otherwise it’s basically the same as the other coves.

We decided to walk up to another viewpoint. It was super steep and not fun to hike but the views were definitely pretty (once again)

Basically could see the entire route we took to get to this spot!

It took us about an hour to walk back to Lulworth Cove. We got some ice cream and then went to a restaurant for some lunch. Thankfully it was mostly sunny since we are still only allowed to eat outside.

Here’s a cute pic of Alyssa in the cute little town next to Lulworth Cove

We didn’t end up heading back to the airbnb until around 3pm! Funny side note- on the route back there were signs on the side of the road that were caution signs for “Sudden gunfire” (cause the military base is close by) and everytime we drove by a sign Tom would scream and try to duck πŸ˜‚

Once we got back to the airbnb we showered and relaxed for a few hours before heading back out for dinner. The pub was just down the road and we were hoping to get some Sunday roasts….. and they were out of all roasts except the vegetarian 😭 I ended up getting steak and ale pie as a substitute but as you can see not everyone was happy

Day 3

We had to leave the airbnb at 10am. The weather for the day wasn’t going to be great- 40mph winds! So we decided to not do any coastal walks and drive straight to the small quaint town of Shaftesbury. Gold Hill is a famous little hill cause of its picturesque cobble stone street and old school houses- you can see in the pic

We stopped at a Cafe at the top of the hill for some drinks and scones. Unforunately we still aren’t allowed to eat inside so it was quite cold and windy. The drinks and food were good but it didn’t help the need to get out of the cold!

After our stop we ended up going to Tom’s parents house for a Sunday (well technically Monday) homemade roast. Man it was delicious!!!

Also got to meet Bertie 😁

It was a short but fun bank holiday weekend! Can’t wait to go abroad for the next one 😁

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