3 Days in Mykonos

Stayed: Constantina Zorz Xydakis (definitely recommend!)

Day 1

We left Athens on an early ferry (7am). Thankfully we had no issues finding the boat so we boarded with plenty of time. The ferry ride was 2hrs 35mins so at 9:20 people started getting up to get off the ferry. Naturally we joined and disembarked the ferry and went to try to find our pick up (free hotel pickup). I messaged our host as we couldn’t find her and she responded back “You’re on Syros not Mykonos!”. WHAT! To be fair to the ferry- they did have an announcement but it was really hard to hear so we just assumed we were at our destination because the timing made sense. Whoops!

Thankfully there was another ferry coming at 11:30 so we only had to wait about 2hrs. We went to a little square on the island and found a nice Cafe for breakfast. The food was good and we walked down a few cute streets!

Our next ferry to Mykonos had a stop so it took about 1hr 15mins. Finally we arrived! The lady from the hotel picked us up and was so friendly. She drove us to the hotel about 15mins from Mykonos new port. The hotel was super cute- we have our own hot tub on our balcony (every room does)!

We didn’t spend much time at the hotel since we got in much later than expected. We changed and walked down to Little Venice and explored the winding white streets.

We walked for quite awhile and got some ice cream as well ๐Ÿ˜. Little Venice is also known for it’s windmills so we walked up by them. The windmill area itself wasn’t that nice but if you took a photo at the right angle it looked pretty cool!

We decided to get a drink at one of the bars right along the water (Galleraki Bar). Boy were they pretty expensive! So we ended up just getting one drink- I got a bellini.

So random story of the day- on Instagram for some reason I always end up seeing Jessie Decker’s posts (Eric Decker’s wife- former NFL player). I saw they were going to Greece about a week ago and then forgot about it, but we walked by this tall dark haired guy and it reminded me. I looked them up on Instagram again and saw they were on Mykonos! I realized the guy I saw probably actually was him lol. Then when we went to dinner (we went at like 6pm which is earlier than anyone in Greece eats so there weren’t many people there) their whole family came to the same restaurant for drinks! We didn’t say anything to them but I took this nice picture of Nate with Eric Decker behind him.

The food was also really delicious (restaurant was called Nice n Easy)! I got a Greek meal called moussaka which was super delicious- it was basically like meat and cream. It tasted a bit like lasagna.

After dinner we got some water (can’t drink the tap water on the islands) and a bottle of wine and headed back to the hotel to watch the sunset from our hot tub!

Very beautiful sunset! ๐Ÿ˜

Day 2

We slept until about 9am (didn’t stay up much later than the sunset). We packed a bag for the beach(s) and then headed out for some breakfast. We found this Cafe called Cosmos, which ended up being really good- I got an omlet with a bunch of stuff in it (bacon, peppers, mushrooms).

After breakfast we found a place to rent a ATV and then went on our way to drive to the beach! We decided to go to the North beaches for the day (more secluded- not the party beaches). The day ended up being rather cloudy so it wasn’t that nice out but still fun to drive around and check out a few places.

The first beach we went to was Agios Sostis.

Then we drove about 20 more mins to an even more secluded beach (had to drive on a dirt road for a bit)- Fokos Beach.

There was a tavern there but they weren’t opening till Friday (a lot of places are still closed cause of covid- most are opening again some time in June). We didn’t stay super long because of the weather and we were hungry.

Once we got back to town we grabbed some snacks- chips and peaches- and relaxed in the hot tub for about an hour before getting ready for dinner. We went down to dinner around 7:30- closer to sunset (even though it was cloudy). There were so many more people in Little Venice later in the day! We ended up getting dinner at the same place as last night cause it’s right on the water, the food is good, and it’s not TOO expensive.

This time I had a Salmon, which was delicious!

Walking through the streets back to our hotel after dinner and everything was popping! All the shops were open and people were everywhere- so different than during the day time!

Day 3

Woke up SO thirsty! We forgot to buy more water the night before (can’t drink tap water). Thankfully we found 2 small bottles in the mini fridge and I was able to fall back asleep for a couple hours.

We went to breakfast at The Liberty- right up the hill from our hotel (recommended by the host). It was a bit pricey but the food was very good and the view was beautiful!

After breakfast we drove our ATV to Paralia Platis Gialos (beach). We only stayed about an hour before then driving another 10minutes to Paradise Beach. Both were relatively the same. Still not too much craziness happening but they were relaxing! One thing I do have to say though is that the beaches of Mykonos aren’t my favorite. Rather than soft sand it’s pretty rough like lots of mini rocks. Hurts your feet a bit to walk on (you can’t really tell from the pictures).

Around 2:30 we drove back to Mykonos Town to drop off the ATV. We walked into Little Venice area and finally got a gyros! (And some ice cream)

The lady from our hotel drove us back to the port around 4:15 to wait for our ferry to arrive! Onto Paros next!

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