2.5 Days in Paros

Stay: Sunset View Hotel

Day 0.5

We arrived in Paros around 7pm. Our hotel was a little less than a mile from town, but took a bit longer to walk because we had our bags with us! The hotel is very nice though and has a great view of the sunset. We almost went into the pool but it wasn’t heated and it wasn’t too hot by the end of the day.

We watched the sunset from our balcony at our hotel- very beautiful per usual!

After the sunset we walked into town for some dinner. We went to dinner at a place called Little Green Rocket. It was a weird mix of food varieties but I ended up getting some shrimp skewers and Nate got a burger. Before walking back to the hotel, we found a shop just down the road to get some water to take back (thank goodness).

Day 1

Our hotel included breakfast- yay for saving money! We ate around 9:30 then ended up leaving the hotel to walk into town around 10:30. In town we found a place to rent an ATV then took off!

Our first stop was Kolimbrithes Beach. Most of the blogs I read said this was the coolest beach to visit- and they were right! The beach had a ton of rock formations that you could climb on and had soft sand if you wanted to relax. We mostly climbed around and found a little beach area to sit in while Nate flew his drone around.

We spent probably about an hour at the beach- definitely could’ve spent more if you wanted to swim and lay out a bit but we had a lot planned for the day! Next stop- Paros Park. This was about another 10minute drive. I’m not entirely sure what Paros park is but you could park the ATV and there were a bunch of different hiking trails. There was also another beach if you wanted to swim (Nate actually thought it was a swimming pool from far away cause of how blue it was!).

We did the hike to the Korakas Lighthouse (about 15minutes each way). The area is super beautiful with lots of cliff edges and blue water beneath. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

You can see the lighthouse (the little white house)

With all the picture taking and enjoying the views we probably ended up spending at least an hour in the area. They had some nice bathrooms as well which was very convenient!

We then drove the ATV about another 15minutes to Naoussa (seaside town). We found a place to eat a gyro for lunch (gyros are only about €3 so are perfect and cheap for lunch)

After eating we walked through the winding white streets of the town then decided to walk about 10minutes to the Moraitis Winery (I randomly found this when trying to look up local wines at the grocery store). We decided to do a tasting- each tasting came with bread, tomatoes, and cheese too which was a nice surprise!

While they prepared our tasting we also were able to explore the winery and got to see all the barrels and wine cellars!

From Naoussa we then drove another 15minutes into the middle of the island to a town called LefkΓ©s. When we arrived we got ice cream right away and then walked through the winding white streets (there’s a trend here). At the end of the town there’s a pretty big church.

By the time we walked back to our ATV it was already 5:30pm- long day exploring! It was again another 15minute drive back to the hotel. I ended up taking a bit of a nap when we got back and then we sat on our balcony until the sunset.

For Nate’s birthday I bought him a mystery murder pack- it has a bunch of articles and police reports, etc. And you have to try to figure out who the murderer is. We started looking through the files- so far its been fun!

While we were doing our murder mystery on the balcony there was a cat that walked by below us. We meowed at her and she looked up and meowed back so we kept meowing and then she started jumping onto things and eventually got up to the balcony! She was super friendly and loveddddd the pets. She would not stop purring. When we tried to stop petting her, she jumped onto the back of my seat then climbed onto my lap then climbed onto the table πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ she was a fun evening guest.

Day 2

We booked an all day sailing trip! We headed out just before 9am to drive across the island to a different port. The tour we booked was with Get your Guide and gave no further explanation then to go to the port. Naturally there were a bunch of sailboats so we walked around looking for one that looked similar to the photos online! Thankfully we found it within 5minutes πŸ™‚

There was one other couple on our tour that were probably about 2 years older than me from Washingotn DC. They were super friendly and fun to chat to throughout the whole day.

The first stop was the island of Iraklia- about 70 people live there! We stopped in a cove where a World War II plane had crashed into the sea. We got some snorkeling goggles and swam over to the plane. Man did our driver “park” our boat far away though! Good thing the Mediterranean is very salty so it’s pretty buoyant! The plane in the water was much smaller than I thought it would be- like a small fighter plane. It was pretty cool though! Unfortunately I don’t have a waterproof phone so couldn’t take any photos, but here’s a picture from Google for reference!

Unforunately it was a pretty windy day and the water hasn’t had time to warm up all summer so it was pretty chilly both in and out of the water. By the time we got to the next stop – Island of Koufonisia- we were pretty cold and not really inclined to go back into the water so we just rested on the boat deck until lunch was ready. We had tuna pasta that was pretty good!

The final stop was a cove in Naxos- it was around 5:30pm by that time and was still pretty chilly from the wind so we all stayed on the boat. Could see alot of nudist bathers on the beach though πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Here’s a photo of our boat from Nate’s drone!

We arrived back at the Port around 7pm and had a nice cold, windy drive back on our ATV- was very ready to be out of the wind! πŸ˜‚

We went to an Italian restaurant for dinner- Cuore Rosso. There were Italians working there so that was definitely a good sign. The restaurant was super cute and there were 3 Kittens!! We both got pizza and the staff were super friendly- would recommend!

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