2.5 Days in Santorini

Stay: Prime Suites, Oia (would not recommend)

Day 0.5

Our ferry was supposed to leave Paros around 11am, however there was a strike that morning so it was 2hrs delayed! Unforunately, we were not made aware of the delay until we went and asked someone where the ferry was. If we’d known we could’ve tried to do something else during the morning! Oh well. We had a nice gyro in Paros before finally getting on the ferry.

Blue Star ferries are really nice and with covid causing less people to be traveling we had a whole couch area to ourselves! We ended up finishing the murder mystery game I got Nate for his birthday during the 3hr ferry to Santorini.

When we finally arrived we had a driver from our hotel waiting for us at the Port (the port is not close to anything and all the buses go directly to Fira so we didn’t want to have to take the time to change busses, etc.). The drive probably took around 40minutes. Santorini is shaped like a Cresent and the port is basically on the opposite side of Oia.

When we got to the hotel we checked in without issue then headed over to the other side of Oia to watch the sunset before dinner. We went to Oia Castle and snuck in a spot to sit. It definitely was less crowded than the first time I was in Oia 6 years ago, but there were way more people than I expected there to be!

We had about an hour before sunset to hang out (gotta keep the spot so can’t move). A photographer came at one point shortly before sunset and had a mini photoshoot with a couple that just got engaged. We also had a few Americans around us- one lived right by Nate’s parents in Colorado Springs!

The sunset was beautiful as expected!

After sunset we went to dinner at a place recommended by our hotel- Skala. The food was super delicious and they had a house wine- a whole bottle for only €12! They also gave us free ice cream at the end 😁

We didn’t get done with dinner till about 10:30pm (people in Greece generally eat later) so we headed back to the hotel to sleep after eating.

The main reason I would not recommend the hotel we stayed at is because the room we had blew fuses SO many times. Thankfully there was a fuse box in the room so we usually were able to fix it, but it was super annoying. We told the host and she said she would have someone look at it, but I don’t think she did.

Day 1

Happy birthday Nate! We started off the morning with a breakfast with a view- Skiza Cafe! The food was delicious and not too expensive (we are in Oia so you can’t expect anything to be particularly cheap).

After breakfast we roamed around Oia. We had found an article that detailed where some good “instagram” spots were aka pretty places to take photos so we just walked around and found them! We also stopped in miscellaneous shops along the way.

We got a gyro for lunch around 1pm then headed back to the hotel to change for our sunset cruise!

A van took us down to the port (it’s like over 300 steps down there so no thank you to walking). Funny thing was the van went in reverse all the way down the hill because there’s no where to turn around at the bottom! 😂

We got on our boat probably around 3pm and started sailing! The boat stopped at 3 spots where you could swim- the hot springs, the red beach, and the black beach. Then it cruised back around to Oia for the sunset. I jumped in the water around the hot springs but after that I stayed on board and sat in the sun (it wasn’t THAT hot so I wanted to stay warm by the time night came).

The cruise was really fun though! There were probably about 20 people (I think it can technically take around 50- thanks covid!). We met this one couple who was American and Danish that we ended up hanging out with most of the time. There was also a group of Italian girls that liked to dance so that made the trip a bit more fun! There was also unlimited wine so you really couldn’t have a bad time!

We got dinner shortly before sunset- it was just meats with pita (still yummy though). The sunset was, again, very pretty!

After the cruise ended, the couple we were hanging out with invited us to dinner (I know we had it on the boat but they said this place was supposed to be really good lol). We ended up getting dropped off with them instead of back at our hotel! We also went and got covid tests before eating- there was a facility you could just show up. We had booked a time to do it the next day, but this made it something less to worry about!

The food place we went to was in the middle of the island- Metaxi Mas. They gave us drinks and snacks while we waited for our table (for free!). We ended up sharing a few dishes. The food was super good! Would recommend if you visit Santorini (just make sure to make a reservation because even during this time of less people it was hard to get a spot).

Day 2

Final day in Santorini! Our flight back to Athens wasn’t until 9:45pm so we had quite a bit of time to do things. We got breakfast around 10am and then rented a ATV for the day!

First stop was to Skaros Rock by the village of Imerovigil. My brother said this was his favorite thing to do on Santorini- it’s basically just a giant rock you climb 😂

There are a bunch of steps to get down to the rock then you can climb around. If you’re more adventurous there is a “path” to go on top of the rock. It requires a little rock climbing but it was not difficult at all! Gave for some pretty views!

Here’s a picture of the “rock”

Views from on top!

By the time we walked back up to Imerovigil we probably had spent a good hour in the area! We got a gyro before leaving the area.

Next stop: Santo Winery. This is one of the two wineries with really nice views of Santorini. We got a tasting of 9 wines (there was one for 6 wines that was only €1 cheaper so obviously made sense to do 9). The wines were pretty good for the most part! They also had a dessert wine made from rasins which was pretty interesting (I didn’t completely hate it compared to most dessert wines lol).

We ended up spending a decent amount of time at the winery. We left around 4pm so we decided to finish driving to the other end of the island to the lighthouse there. The lighthouse is nothing crazy, but of course there are nice views!

From this side of the island it was about a 40minute ATV ride back to Oia so we headed back- arrived around 5:30pm. We got some more ice cream at this place by the Oia bus station- Lolita’s Gelato- really good!!

Also got to pet a nice big floof

We picked up our bags and got a taxi to the airport for our evening flight. It ended up being delayed about 40minutes so we didn’t land in Athens until about 11:20pm! Long day!

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