Porto Rafti

I had a full day in Greece by myself! (Nate left in the morning and my flight wasn’t until 8pm). I’ve already been to Athens so I decided to spend my day relaxing at the beach! A girl I played volleyball with in London is from Athens and recommended Porto Rafti for a nice beach near the airport.

It was about a 30minute drive from the hotel to Porto Rafti- but then when I arrived I realized the area was super big and there were mini beaches all around. I probably drove too much but I finally pulled into a big parking lot and decided to just go to the beach closest to it. Based on googlemaps I believe this is the beach I went to- Agios Spyridon Beach.

The beach wasn’t anything to die for (wasn’t expecting it to be though). It was a bit rocky for my tastes, but it did the job! The beach was super crowded- I think I might have been the only non-Greek person there though! At least half of the people brought their own umbrellas (sun is strong so I get it).

The only time I went in the water was when I had to pee šŸ˜¬ but the water was definitely warmer than the other water we went in during the trip!

After about 2.5hrs I found a restaurant across the street and had a gyro (gonna miss them). I also wanted some wine but the only one on the menu was a half litre?! It was only ā‚¬3.50 though so I bought it šŸ˜‚

After lunch I went back to the beach for about an hour before driving to the airport! Happy to be traveling (at least a little) again- until next time Greece!

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