2 Days in Albufeira

Stay: Sao Rafael Suites – All Inclusive

Day 0

Our flight from London left about 5pm. We got our covid test to get into Portugal at the airport so we had to arrive a bit early, but thankfully got our results quickly and could relax in the airport!

It was a 3hour flight to Faro, then a 35minute drive from the airport to our hotel. We ended up getting to the hotel around 8:40pm. Thankfully people in Europe have an eat late mindset so we were able to get some food from the buffet! We then grabbed a drink and walked around the resort to explore and chat. Such nice weather even at night!

Day 1

Because of covid, we had to preschedule when we would go to the buffet for meals. Our breakfast was scheduled for 9am cause we had booked a covid test for 10am. Per usual I woke up early and was chilling on my phone when I realized maybe we could use our covid test from yesterday to go back to the UK since it’s within 3 days- after some googling it turns out you could! Once Alyssa woke up I told her the good news and we canceled our tests then went to brekkie.

The buffet was actually pretty decent. Lots of options so always found something good to eat. After breakfast we went to the pool for a few hours until our scheduled lunch time (sun and eating are the key themes in this one).

After lunch we decided to walk down to the beach close to the hotel- it was about a 7minute walk. The beach was super nice- soft sand, cool cliffs, not too crowded. We spent about 3hours there. We mostly just laid out, but we did go in the ocean a couple times (it was pretty cold) for when we had to pee 😂. We also went on a walk up and down the beach and got some good photo opps with the cool cliffs!

When we got back to the resort the afternoon snacks were out so we grabbed a quick bite then changed into real clothes so we could go into the town of Albufeira. The hotel had a free shuttle that we took there (it was only like a 5min drive). The town itself was nice, but EVERYTHING was closed. I guess they had some new rules cause someone had tested positive so everything had to close at like 3:30pm. The town definitely seemed like it would’ve been a wild party area pre-covid and was a bit sad to see basically deserted- hopefully it’ll bounce back soon!

The town had lots of cute doors too lol

The town was right along the beach so we did a quick walk along the beach area as well.

On our walk out of town we went on this random little outlook bridge of the beach and there were like 10 cats on this one little bridge! There was a sign saying the town feeds them every day and takes care of them ❤

We took a quick uber back to the hotel and relaxed for a little bit before the “good” bar opened. The bar is better than the others because they make all the cocktails fresh rather than a pre-made concoction. The bar opened at 7 and we were the only ones there for the first hour 😂 the bartender – Christopher definitely liked us! We asked for to go drinks and he gave us the bigger cups even though he wasn’t supposed to and he let Alyssa shake the cocktail shaker!

We walked to the beach about 8:30pm to try to see the sunset. Turns out you can’t see the sunset from the beach because the cove is more south facing. The lighting was really nice though!

We didn’t spend too long at the beach since we couldn’t actually see the sunset, plus our dinner was at 9pm so we went back, had some yummy food then went back to the good bar for the night. The bar plays live music as well so we got to enjoy the half Portuguese, half English songs! There were a bunch of little kids dancing which was amusing. The resort also has their weird giant green mascot thing… not sure why lol

I took a picture of Alyssa getting drinks from Christopher 😂 We will never know what the bottom half of his face looks like lol

We stayed at the bar until around 11:30pm. The music stopped at 11 so wasn’t much going on after that (bar closed at midnight as well).

Day 2

Well there’s not too much to say about day 2 except it was basically the same as day 1 (this is what tends to happen on beach vacays). Today though we started off by going to the beach first! I know wild difference.

We were able to extend our checkout until 2pm so we got to have another lunch at the hotel and they let us stay and chill by the pool until our driver came at 4pm to pick us up!

The only slightly memorable thing to note was that I realized they had one of my favorite ciders- Somersby! We had a nice drink by the pool.

The day went too fast and it was back to the airport for us 😭 thankfully our flight left on time and landed early so we didn’t get home TOO late, however London did decide to welcome us back by raining on us during our 10minute walk home from the tube (which ended up being only like 5mins because we ran 😂). Hopefully we will be back at a beach soon 🤞

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