Arundel Day Trip

Went on a quick dad trip with Mom and Dad (Kirsten and Matt not my parents 😂) and baby Bennett! We met at Heathrow to pick up the rental car for the day- the trains for some reason weren’t running so we got a car instead.

It took about 1.5hrs to drive down to Arundel. We drove through a bunch of quaint little British villages on the way and I got to hang out with Bennett in the back!

We got to Arundel around 11am and our tickets for the castle were not until 12:45pm so we had a bit of time to kill. We ended up getting a breakfast (and I got a hot chocolate per usual). We walked around the town area as well, but it’s not super big so didn’t take us too long!

After breakfast we walked up this giant hill only to realize the Castle entrance was actually at the bottom of the hill 🤦‍♀️

The Castle was pretty huge (see pic) and the grounds were even bigger! It was “medieval weekend” so they had a bunch of tents set up around the grounds with different activities you could do (for free!). We did some axe throwing which was super fun and I got the hang of it pretty quickly 😁 They also had archery, but kids were allowed to do that so the lines were pretty long.

After exploring the medieval festival we went into the castle. The Castle is actually still used by the Duke of Norfolk as a residence (one of many lol). They had some modern day photos of the family around the castle which was cool!

It probably took us about 45minutes to walk through the castle. It was a relatively standard castle- grand rooms, historic old stuff, etc. This castle is famous because Queen Victoria stayed there!

Some casual lion rugs

And your everyday library (this is when I was standing in the middle of the room so it’s twice this size)

After exploring the castle we found our way to the gardens. The gardens were extremely pretty. The area wasn’t super large but they sure did a lot with it!

There was a mini Cafe in the garden where we got some snacks and enjoyed the area while we ate.

There wasn’t much else to do in the castle area after the gardens so we walked over to the Arundel Cathedral. There was a sign saying don’t come in because mass is in progress… but there definitely wasn’t so we popped our heads in quickly. It was pretty but average in terms of cathedrals. (The picture above shows the outside of the cathedral!)

Just down the block from the cathedral was another old church. We again popped inside quickly since we were there. Nothing too wild.

By the time we finished exploring it was about 3:30pm so we decided to start driving back and stop in one of the cute towns for dinner. Since it was Sunday I naturally got a Sunday Roast- they had lamb so I tried it and it didn’t disappoint!

From dinner it was about an hour drive back to the airport. I ended up meeting Alyssa at a bar to watch the football championship for the night so it ended up being a very long day!

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